Dinner At Dyne


Hey guys! Why do us bloggers always start with hey guys? Anyway todays post is just a short one about a meal out I had on Wednesday for my mothers birthday in a local restaurant here in Killarney called Dyne which has good simple food that is worth every penny. To be honest I dont go there that often but there is always something I want to try when Im there. They have really nice flavours and dishes so if you want somewhere simple with good food in Killarney that isn’t going to break the bank then definitely try Dyne!

Dyne Logo dyne starterdyne mainDyne Logo and Sign//Roasted Grapes Bruschetta with Goats Cheese//Tagliatelle With Beef Ragu

As I said it was my mothers birthday so we had a nice family meal here and just enjoyed the celebrations and of course this could not be done without a little cocktail as it was a birthday after all!

dyne cocktailThe actual restaurant is a smallish space from the outside but it can fit a good few people into it. They also project old black and white silent movies onto the wall which is really interesting because its not something you normally have during a meal out! So its a nice little space with a black and white movie, good food and a nice atmosphere and its not going to empty the bank account!

I hope that you are all having a good Friday and are ready for the weekend. Im heading out again tomorrow night so hopefully this time I will have time to take a few outfit pictures for a post but Im nearly always late by the time I’m ready to go anywhere! I have a few new purchases to post about so stay tuned for that in the next few days!

Ever Yours



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