Footwork Favourites

stieltto heel court shoes white holographicstiletto heel court shoe white holographicpointed toe cap ankle boots reptile printpointed toe cap ankle boots reptile print boots Stiletto Heel Court Shoes White Holographic • Missguided//Pointed Toe Cap Ankle Boots Reptile Print • Missguided

Afternoon everybody! Todays post is just about my favourite style shoes which are pointed toe boots and court shoes. Due to Irelands non existent Summer this year I have started to look at a few different boots online for Autumn (Cant believe I am already doing Autumn/Winter shopping) and I think I am just going to collect Pointed to boots. I bought a pair from Newlook back in January which I am just totally in love with! They are definitely well loved because they have scuffed points and the leather has lost shape by this point but they are definitely my favourite pair of boots I have ever owned!

Evanna Lily ShoesEvanna Lily ShoesEvanna Lily Shoes studsEvanna Lily Shoes BlueEvanna Lily Shoes BlueEvanna Lily Shoes Blue

Newlook Ankle Strap Stud Heels//Primark Blue Court Shoe

I myself have a small shoe size which is only a mere size 3 (36) in regular shoes and a 4 (37) in shoes like trainers and sports shoes so finding shoes in my size is normally a tad difficult. When it comes to boots and certain types of sandals they can either make my my foot look bigger or longer than it actually it. I have a a few pairs of round toe boots and I like them but the pointed toe just looks that much nicer on me. I have one pair of round toe boots where if I put them on the more I look at them the more I notice the shape of them. I have a small build anyway and with certain types of boots they make my ankle look like its drowning in the top of it because the top is wide and my ankle is slim! I just think that a pointed toe is so elegant and classy and there is just something about a round toe shoe that just doesn’t appeal to me! (I sound so odd right now). So I think from now on I will be sticking to the pointed toe footwear!

black pointed blok heel bootsblack pointed block heel boots sideWhite Leather Poointed Heelswhite leather court shoe sale

These Newlook black pointed toe boots are exactly like the ones I own now but with a few differences and they are currently on the way to me in the post! I adore the pair I have now (as I have already said) but they are starting to fail me a little. (Thats why theres no photo of them they aren’t in a very photogenic state!). How cool are the Missguided holographic shoes above? I have seen a few clutch bags in holographic so is this a thing now? I kind of hope it is because its really cool! These white Newlook heels are on sale by the way and they are perfect for a simple shoe that will go with anything. I just love a white shoe because they are so classy looking. My own shoes above are ones I have for a couple years now. The black heels with gold studs are almost a year old and were a gift to me from my aunt. The blue pair I bought while I was living in Galway for college back in 2013 (cannot believe it was that long ago I was there!) for a photoshoot I had as an assignment!

So thats my post for today I hope you are all having a good week and the weather is nicer where ever you are! Im still stuck with cold wind a regular rain showers here in Kerry but I am off to Spain for two weeks soon so I am getting excited about it! I will be doing a review of my holiday foundation which I wore on that one day we had summer which was about 2 months ago and it was 22 degrees! Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



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