Town and Taxis

Laughter quoteAfternoon guys! Heres just a quick post on what I got up to on Saturday night! For anyone that follows me on snapchat knows that I went out for a few drinks but I didn’t share any photos from the night on it because there was no signal where I was so I thought I would update you on the night!

pennys skirtnude cut out booties

So for the night I wore my new Pennys skirt and lace up heels with a plain white vest top and my new striped jacket (more on that later!). I just went for a simple look that was dressy to go out that wasn’t too hot because its always roasting when you’re dancing!(Sorry I have no outfit photos I had no time to take one I was so late leaving as per usual!). Even though it was absolutely lashing rain outside I decided you know what its June I will not be forced into boots and jeans anymore on nights out! So I was a tad frozen walking in town but once we got into The Grand I completely forgot the weather outside! I went out with one of my best friends Eimear and then later on the other bestie Aoife turned up and as per usual when we get together theres a lot of laughs and dancing had! There were some serious mad dancers out as well definite dad shapes thrown! There was a Kerry vs Cork match on that evening (up the kingdom!) and we won so there was a bit celebrating done by Killarney people as well as two hen parties around and a stag party so there were a good few people around!

When the nigh ended we got some Chinese food (it was crowded I almost became a permanent part of the shop wall) and then spent two hours trying to find a taxi. By this point the dancing had taken its toll with my shoes and they seriously sore so wandering around town at 4am trying to locate an available taxi was not helping! We were literally hunting one down! I would have taken the shoes off but I would never trust the ground after a night out with food, drinks and broken glass everywhere. By the time we got a taxi it was around half four and we were wrecked. The minute I got in the shoes were off haha. I was the last one dropped home and by this time the sun was starting to rise and you could see all the dew rising on the fields creating a fog and it was actually a nice morning. I literally crawled into my bed at 5am to get some sleep before working the next day! As the saying   above goes “A good laugh and long sleep are the two best cures for everything” I had a good laugh and now I just need the long sleep! As today is my day off its definitely a dressing gown type of day!


It was a really good night though and even when Im at work and hear a song they played in The Grand Im trying not to laugh at the memories of hearing it that night! So thats just my short update on my night and I hope you had a fun weekend too. I have an interesting post coming up soon involving a website so stay tuned for that! Enjoy the rest of your Monday guys and talk to you soon!

Ever Yours




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