Little Missguided

Missguided Crochet Insert Dressmissguided crochet white bodyconCrochet Lace Bra Insert Bodycon Dress White

Afternoon everyone I hope Monday wasn’t too tiresome for you yesterday and I hope that summer has kicked in where ever you are because here in Kerry its warm but grey with light showers (typical). If you added me on snapchat you will have seen in my story the other day that I was taking a look on Missguided for some inspiration as to what to wear to Ladies Day at the Galway Races this year and I came across some amazing stuff! Not just ideas for the races but just really interesting and stylish pieces. So I thought I would do a post to show you all these really cool pieces incase you’re looking to update the wardrobe too!Long Sleeve Mesh Top Midid Dress KhakiLong Sleeve Mesh Top Midi Dress in KhakiLace Overlay A-line Shift Dress in BlueLace Blue overlay aline shift dress

Long Sleeve Mesh Top Midi Dress Khaki//Lace Overlay A-Line Shift Dress Nude/Blue 

The first white dress and the second khaki dress are very Kim Kardashian at the moment and the  phrase “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” comes to mind and I think they are really cool pieces. I would love to be able to pull them off but I dont think I could to be honest! I think they really good on the people who do wear similar pieces to these when I see them on my Instagram feed or on Tumblr. Kim Kardashian has some seriously good looks the last couple of years so if you want to channel her then Missguided is where you need to shop! Go fourth and release your inner Kim K! The blue lace dress is so pretty and perfect for fancy summer things. The colour is just gorgeous and the floral lace is such a cute detail. I think I’ll keep an eye on this one for the races!

Slinky Cowl Front Midi Dress TaupeSlinky Cowl Neck Front Midi Dress Taupe backLace Scallop Hem Back Detail Bodycon DressLace Scallop Hem Back Detail Bodycon Dress side

Women’s Midi Dress – Taupe//Lace Scallop Hem Back Detail Bodycon Dress Taupe

These two dresses may be favourites out of them all. The Slinky Cowl Neck Dress is so nice! I just love the colour and the neckline and I think it would be perfect for wearing to any kind of occasion. The second dress again I just love it. The detailing is amazing and its different its not plain or right on trend and I think its really nice and would do for any formal type of occasion. The back is interesting too because its a cut out design but not backless.

Mesh Cut Out Heeled Sandals In BlackMesh Cut Out Heeled Sandals in Black BackSqaure Laser Cut Caged Heel Ankle Boot Black Suedesquare laser cut caged heel ankle boot black suede pair Mesh Cut Out Heeled Sandals Black//Square Laser Cut Caged Heel Ankle Bootie Black Suede

I know its a little early in the year to be thinking about boots but these are definitely not a typical boot! I came across these while browsing and I just love them! They are both so different and look designer and expensive but obviously they aren’t and are affordable! Like my mother I am a bit of a shoe addict so I am always looking at footwear and these are so cool! The first one is more of a shoe than a boot and I think because they are they will go with anything like jeans, skirts, dresses, everything! The second are more of a boot and I think they would go better with a skirt than pants because depending on the leg length of the trouser it could make the boot look odd but I think they would be amazing with a pencil skirt co-ordinate!

fur trim 70s style platformfur trim platform70s sandalsTassel Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals TanTassel Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals Tan close up

Fur Trim 70’s Platform Sandals Cream//Tassel Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals Tan 

How cool are the 70s platforms? Seventies is such a trend at the moment these are perfect. The colour is so handy because it will go with virtually anything and the little fur detail is so cute and playful! A platform is actually such a good shoe because you’re not straining from the height of the heel. If a heel is really high and the sole is flat your foot will have so much pressure on it from the shape of the shoe but with a platform its balanced and it makes up for the height of the heel so you are comfortable. The second pair I think are just really trendy with the tasseled fringe detail. Tan brown is so in at the moment so I think these would be a really cute and fun pair of shoes to have for outfits. The fringe is so in and I think these are such a cool way to have that detail instead of just on clothing!

So thats basically it for today and I hope you all found some inspiration from todays post! Its been a while since I did a website post so I thought I would get back into that again and with all these really interesting piece its a good way to do it! Just as a side note I updated and restarted my Depop account yesterday and added two new items for sale and apologies to everyone who left messages about items but I haven’t used it since I was in Galway and forgot to re install the app on my new phone! So take a look at that if you’re interested my user name is evannalily. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

Ever Yours



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