Sportswear and Statement Necklaces

Scenic RouteHey guys! I just thought I would update you on all on whats been happening lately and share my last few days with you. Incase you haven’t added me on snapchat yet (evanna_lily) you won’t know about my little day out the other day with one of the girls. We hadn’t seen each other in ages so we decided to go out for the day and take a walk, do a little shopping and then see a movie and it was such a nice day. We started off by going for a walk to Muckross Park here in Killarney and thank god the weather was pretty good and the sun shined the whole time. It was so nice to just go out and spend a while walking in the sunshine catching up with a friend and just getting some fresh air. Im usually either at work or at home and occasionally in town browsing so it was really refreshing to see the national park after a while and just have a walk and be somewhere different. After our stroll and catch up we took a trip into town and did a little shopping and of course we went to Newlook because as an employee I get a discount and I have vouchers for family and friends so its handy for my student friends to get some money off when they have a budget! After our walk it was actually around half 5 so everywhere was starting to close so we just managed to pick a few things up and then had some food. While eating our meal we just decided to go to the cinema that night and see the new Jurassic Park film because we were both saying that once we go home we were going to do nothing and be bored so why not! The film was actually quite good and even though Im not really into dinosaur films I thought it was pretty cool! Here are some photos from the day

Sportswear Muckross Beach Lakes of killarney Muckross HouseIn the first  photo you can see I am in my new full sportswear gear that I got from work which you can find hereOne of the things I bought after our walk was this Pointelle Knit Split Side Vest which I just love! One of the managers at work wore this the other day last week and since then two of us have bought and one tried it on! Its a really cool piece and I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do and I wore it properly the other day with accessories and went to work and I really like how it looked. We have the brown one in the Killarney store at the moment but you can get it in black as well on the website. I also picked up a top (which I wear under this) and some more jeans which will be coming up in a purchases post a little later on. I have so many new purchases to post about its actually scary! So here is my look for work from the other day which features my new knit piece!

summer Knitwear statement necklace evanna lily instagram evanna lily snapchat              It is actually such a cool piece and I cant wait to wear it more! I probably won’t be posting outfit posts for the next day or two on my snapchat or instagram because I am dying of heat rash from getting too hot at work the other day so if anyone has any tip on how to get rid of it they will be greatly appreciated! I am going to prepare some more posts tonight and have them up now that I have a few days off so keep an eye out for them!

Hope you are all having a good week and speak to you soon!

Ever Yours




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