Gypsy Girl

chain mailAfternoon guys! Sorry for my little silence the last few days but Im back with a new post on a gypsy style trend that has been making an appearance at work. So there is just lots of off the shoulder tops, maxi dresses, crochet and statement necklaces so I thought I would do a post on where to find some of these pieces with some inspiration on how to wear them.

This image has a coined necklace which I have seen loads of different variations around and heres a few that are similar. They are a really cool piece to have because they just add a little edgy or boho feel to a look.

So these three are just similar silver based Statement Coin Necklaces which I found online. The first is Light Blue Coin Drape Tassel Statement Necklace which has a really nice aqua blue colour in it which really makes it stand out. The second is  a Boho Silver Coin Statement Necklace which is the more simple of the three and has the small layered coin detail. The third necklace is a Statement Layered Coin Necklace Silver from Missguided which has a three part detail and a dropped coin effect. You can also find similar ones here and here from two of the mentioned websites.

gold and greenMissguidedBloomingdalesASOSForever21

Next is this gypsy style top which I have seen loads of in a few different styles. Theres a good few at work with a string shoulder strap and an off the shoulder sleeve but I have been asked a few times over the last couple of days about strapless off the shoulder tops so I thought I would definitely do a post with them! These four are all different and are really interesting styles of the top. The first is a Missguided Off The Shoulder Crochet Lace Top in white which is just a simple summery top which is so easy to dress up or down. The second is a more colourful playful version which is a Aqua Lotus Brooke Off The Shoulder top. Its a cool print which would definitely put summer into an outfit! The third is Lira Off Shoulder Festival Top which again is versatile because of the colour but also really good for festivals and summery nights because its simple but has such a nice crochet detail. Its similar to the white one above but is more of a fitted style than that and a bit more cropped too. Lastly is the FOREVER 21 Floral Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top which is such a nice summery style with the blue and pink floral print. Its a low off the shoulder look and has a sleeve if you’re not mad on showing off your arms all the time. I just think its really fun and different!

maxi maggieAmayaSouthBoohoo

Lastly we have maxi dresses. Im actually a bit short to wear them myself but I love the look of them! The have such nice prints and patterns are a summer wardrobe essential. Just for hanging in the garden, heading to the beach or just for something to wear in the evenings on holiday. the first one here is Amaya Purple multi coloured printed maxi dress and is a just at the ankles which is perfect if you want a maxi dress but dont want it on the ground. The pattern is also a good one if you’re not into crazy patterns and prints because its just a multicoloured but low key pattern and by that I mean its not in your face. The second one I have here is South Crinkle Floral Print Maxi Dress and I think the print is so cool. Its just so bright and summery and has a tropical vibe to it which just really brings out summer. I love the colours in it too! The last dress is Petite Ivy Bardot Printed Maxi Dress and I just really like it. I like the combination of colours in the form of that pattern and its just really interesting. Almost oriental but then again almost tribal. All three of these dresses are so different and contain perfect summer colours!

So thats my post for today and I hope you enjoyed it and found some inspiration from it. I will have more posts up soon because I have so much to write about! But for now I will talk to you all soon

Ever Yours



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