Outfit Of The Day

Outfit Of The Day
Hey guys! Todays outfit post is a recreation of my look from yesterday. If you follow my snapchat then you will have seen this look (and my sunburn!) from yesterday already. Its such an easy summer look to wear though especially when its sunny and hot like it was yesterday. I spent most of Wednesday with one of the girls sitting outside in the garden having a catch up and soaking up the sun which finally showed its face in all its glory yesterday after a good while of cloudy, chilly days! All these pieces are Newlook and are instore or online at the moment. The shorts that I own I actually bought last summer but you can shop ones similar to these here. This Blue Diamond Print Drop Pocket Kimono I bought a little while ago and I just love it. Its more of a jacket than a kimono but its really light and perfect for summer. It goes with virtually anything and I wear it to work a majority of the time! Its a really nice little piece which makes an everyday outfit that bit more interesting. The top I have is actually a blue stripe but this Monochrome Stripe Crop Cami is identical to it. Its not as cropped as it night look it is actually a bit longer so you can tuck the end of it into shorts but you cant tuck it into jeans. Obviously if your moving about a lot it untucks because it is still a crop top! I dont actually own this  Fringe Tassel Across Body Bag but how cool is this bag? The White Leather-Look Lace Up Trainers I bought for my daily walks and they are so comfortable. They are similar to Adidas trainers but not as pricey. They are a really nice little runner and even though I only ever runners when I go walking these are making their way into a couple looks for casual things! This Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser Cocoa Radiant is just amazing. You literally just spray it on rub it in for a few seconds and then you’re ready to go. It dries so quickly. Im living on it today after getting so sunburnt yesterday! This is the coco radiant one but you can get the regular one too. I did use it yesterday a small bit in the sun to increase the chance of getting tanned but it backfired on me a little bit! I tried out this Rimmel BB Cream Matte Light yesterday as well just to test it in hot weather for my holiday later in the year and I am so happy with it. It didn’t get oily or anything it literally stayed the same all day and I was so glad to see it hadn’t gotten oily and rubbed off in places or anything considering it was gone 20ºC!
Evanna Lily Instagram
Evanna Lily SnapchatSo thats my look from yesterday and I hope you got a little inspiration from it! The sun has hidden a little bit today behind the clouds so Im back to jeans for the day to work which is a good thing considering how sunburnt I am! I think the only place Im not sunburn is my face and even then my neck and ear got caught a bit! I hope you all enjoy your Thursday!
Ever Yours

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