Friday Night Awards

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Afternoon everyone I hope the week is treating you well! For anyone that follows my Snapchat you will know that I attended the Connect Kerry Business Womens Awards here in Kerrys here in Kerry with my mum who was nominated in the Health and Fitness category for her work in Homeopathy (you can see her website here) and I had a great time! There were lots of winners from the night and there was so much glamour!

For this event I wore a simple black dress that I got from work which is perfect really because I wear it on nights out and to things like this event so its always handy to have an LBD in the wardrobe!

I finally wore my Black Leather Ankle Strap Heels after buying them about a month ago and never had the chance (or weather) to wear them! They actually are such a comfortable shoe and go with virtually everything! I knew I loved them the minute I spotted them at work and I had to have them! I wore this Black Strappy Laser Cut Hem Dress I found at work also about a week ago which I thought would be perfect for it because its simple, stylish and is the perfect LBD. The crochet detail at the bottom adds a really nice detail to it and makes it different from the normal body con midi dresses. It is actually so comfortable because its a soft material and has a bit of stretch to it so going up the stairs is not as restricting as I thought it would be! As I said above you can wear it for a night out or a dressy event. I also wore my new earrings from Pennys which are just silver diamond shaped drop earrings. I also tried out this Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner for the first time which I picked up while I was out the other day and it is actually so good! It stays on  for hours and doesn’t stick to glasses or anything so it stays on perfectly.  I also picked up this white leather look clutch bag from Pennys the same day (You will have seen this in my snapchat story) and it is the perfect size. In the photo it looks like a flat thin clutch but it actually has a lot of space in it for make up, a phone, a camera, whatever you want for an event like this one really and its perfect for me because I can never just bring one thing anywhere I always have about 20 things on me incase I need them! I have only recently started bringing just my purse on nights out instead of a handbag and even then I have make up in the coins bit and my keys stuck in there too!

My mum wore this dress she found in Wisteria and went with a green and blue theme because they are her favourite colour combinations because they are sea colours. Here we are about to set off for the night. (Shout out to dad for taking our photos for a good few minutes before we left!)

When we arrived to Ballyroe Heights I instantly felt underdressed because there were some amazing dresses around! They were all floor length with sequins, embellishments, lace, crochet, full skirts, mesh, furs and there were so many different styles and amazing looks I felt so under dressed! There was a champagne reception when we walked in where we were talking to some people that my mother already knew and another woman I used to work with in Newlook who now makes and sells her own amazing headpieces which you can see on her Facebook page here.  After having a few photos taken by photographers like Dermot Crean for (where you can see more of the amazing styles) we were sat at our tables and our orders for the meal were taken. I had a starter of Salmon Roulade with Crab Meat and a salad, then there was a really good Passion Fruit Sorbet to cleanse the palette, then Beef with vegetables and a gravy sauce and for dessert there was a plate of mini desserts like dark chocolate mousse, honeycomb ice cream and mini meringue. There were a few speeches made by the founder of Connect Magazine Margaret Brick and the local TD Michael Healy Rae and the sponsors Lee Strand Dairy.

Connect Awards

Photo credit to Dermot Crean at with Lea Parker Bond, Rebecca Atkinson and Lily Atkinson (myself)

The food was good and did the job of filling us up! The presenter for the night was Sarah Hayes who started the night with a poem about Kerry. Margaret Brick said a few words about how happy she was with the turnout and how everyone was a winner wether they won an award or not and she also said a really good quote which I think is actually perfect for life. “Dont Let Success Go To Your Head And Dont Let Failure Go To Your Heart”. 

Michael Healy Rae mentioned how well everyone has done to keep a business going through Irelands tough times over the last few years and how our grandmothers and great grandmothers were the first female entrepreneurs because they had children to mind as well as a few farm animals outside and kept a house and family going themselves which is true. He also mentioned how the entrepreneurs in the room were the role models for the next generation of business women.

The awards were handed out after the meal was finished and there was a couple of people from our table and the one behind us who won awards from the different categories. My mother didn’t win an award unfortunately but as Margaret pointed out everyone was a winner! Overall the night was fun and it was good to do a bit of net working. The awards finished around 1am and there was dancing and music but at this point we were so tired and I was working the next day and mum had a meeting in Cork too so we called it a night!

I hope you enjoyed my post and I will speak to you all soon! Also congratulations to everyone who won and to Margaret Brick for organising the event, Sarah Hayes for presenting and Ballyroe Heights for the venue and food!

Ever Yours



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