Red Review

Hey everyone I hope you’re having a good week so far! So you’ll know from my Instagram that I recently re-did my hair colour to touch up what I had done in Sean Taaffe Hair Salon and todays post is just a little review of the colour I used.Garnier Olia Garnier Olia Box Garnier Olia Box side Garnier Olia 4.6So to re-colour my hair I used Garnier Olia Deep Red 4.6 because I was told because my hair already had a red in it I should use a 4.6 shade otherwise it will just go wrong so I decided to go with this one. It is actually the perfect shade that I wanted and this one is permanent where as before when I had it done it was a semi permanent and I am hoping to keep my hair this colour for a while because I am just bored with my own colour! You can get this colour virtually anywhere Boots, small pharmacies, Online just have a look around for it. The actual dying process isn’t difficult at all!

Garnier Olia Box Contents Box Contents colour bottle garner box contents ConditionerIts actually so easy to dye your hair using this product. You start off with a skin test 48 hours before (make sure you do this with every dye because you don’t want to use it and then find out you’re allergic!) and when you know you’re not allergic you can start to colour. You just mix the colour developer and the colorant cream together in the little bubble like bottle until they are well mixed and then wearing the gloves in the box you just distribute the colour throughout your hair using the tip of the bottle. Theres two different ways of dying your hair with this product so the first way is if you have never coloured your hair before and the other is if you already have dye in your hair. There isn’t really a difference in the method its just to do with how long you leave it on for. I started with my roots and then worked my way to the ends of my hair and left it on altogether so that the colour didn’t come out really bright on top an then dark on the ends. You leave it on for about 20 minutes so have a magazine handy or something!

All you do then is rinse your hair in hot water until the water runs clear which takes a little bit of time to make sure that the water is clear because its on your roots and scalp so you need to really rinse your head. You then apply the conditioner which you can also save for future washes which just kind of locks in the colour and then you just style it as normal! Obviously throughout this process have a towel handy thats not white and that you dont really care about to wipe dye off your face and to protect clothing and to dry your hair off with when you have rinsed it.

GarnierSo I can honestly say I will be using this product again to touch up my roots! It is a really easy process and its not that expensive. I read reviews of this product before I went out and bought to make sure that it was a good product and I have to say out of all the reviews I read I only saw maybe 2 bad ones. So if you are looking for a colour in your hair just for a change then try out the Garnier products. My hair is a dark brown anyway so it didn’t change my hair dramatically it just added the colour to it but its not bright and its not dark either.

I hope you enjoyed my little review today and I will speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



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