Summer Suit

Summer Suit
Afternoon everybody! Todays post is a Polyvore post for a really fun holiday look that I was thinking of. I have been off work for the last few days and I was in yesterday and we have so many new products after coming in during my days off and one of them is this playsuit which I just fell in love with. When it comes to clothing I have a vision of an entire look right down to accessories, hairstyle, nail colour everything so when I saw this I had this vision of the playsuit, a straw like summer hat, block heels, retro sunglasses and a simple bracelet with a messy holiday hair low bun. So I have tried to recreate my idea for you guys now and this is what I have!
The high neck red folk print playsuit and the black block heel sandals are both from Newlook
and I think that in terms of being on holidays that heading out in the late evening for a bit of dinner out and a little wander these shoes are perfect because if like me you like a heel but think that wearing really high dressy shoes on holiday is a bit pointless then a block heel is perfect because its an even step instead of a slim heel were you could die on a cobble street if you step wrong. I think that shoes are tricky on holiday anyway because its so warm your body swells a bit like for example rings dont go on or come off as easy so its always essential to have a pair of sandals like these from Nordstrom because they are just the most practical type of footwear. Plus they turn this look from a dressy look to completely casual for wandering around little streets all day and discovering new places without the pain of blisters, sore heels and your ankles twisting from balancing around on a heel. The accessories are really simple and are perfect for this because they aren’t fussy but still add a little something to it. The hat and glasses are perfect because they are holiday essentials for any warm weather climate. The bracelet just adds a bit of detail to the look and dresses it up a bit but its subtle. The H&M fringe bag is right on trend and is just more fun than the everyday holiday beach bag that almost everyone has tucked away somewhere! The white nail varnish I feel is just the best colour because its neutral and I feel like reds, pinks and nudes would just match into the playsuit print colours a little too much.
So thats todays outfit post and I hope you enjoyed it! I am still working on my holiday moodboard for outfits for my holiday in a couple months so if you want any help or inspiration do get in touch and I’ll create a post to help!
Ever Yours

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