Resting Beach Face

Audrey Hepburn BeautyAfternoon guys! So todays post is just about some beauty and hair looks Im researching for my holiday in a couple of months so I can be prepared. Im off to sunny Spain so the weather will be really hot (unlike Ireland at the moment) and Im just trying to see what beauty looks I can do while Im there so my face doesn’t melt off and some hair products so my hair doesn’t explode! So Im going to divide them up to create a few different posts and Im going to start with foundations today.

Pinterest                                              So what I am looking for is the barely there make up look because I don’t see the point in have a fully made up face while you’re on holiday if its a hot country because

  1. The weather will play havoc with it and it will more than likely just slide off your face the more you’re in the sun and also you’re face won’t get tanned because of the layer of make up over it
  2. If you’re at the beach or at the pool you are more than likely going to go swimming so its just going to come off in the water anyway

So what I normally do on holidays is go for waterproof mascara and my L’óreal BB Cream Foundation and occasionally a bit of concealer so that it lasts but its not really obvious Im wearing make up. I want a really good foundation like my BB Cream so I did some googling and heres what I have found.

Clinique Stay Matte Foundation

So I came across this Clinique Stay Matte Foundation while looking at ideas online and I saw some good reviews for it so far. Its sweat resistant, absorbs shine, controls oil and its suppose to stay good in humidity so I will definitely be looking into this one a bit more! It comes in seventeen shades and you can see the reviews and shades on!

L'oreal Nude Magnifique BB FoundationSo while researching I came across this L’óreal product I mentioned above and I really does work for anyone whos looking at a natural looking foundation and cant seem to find your colour. I tried this on a whim about 5 years ago and I have used it ever since. It starts off white with these little beads in it (you cant feel them dont worry!) and as you apply it it changes to your skin colour and it lasts ages. It has 24 hour hydration and has SPF 12 so its great for holidays to just throw on whenever and your hardly need concealer with it! Theres three shades which are Dark, Medium and Light skin tone so theres no fuss about shades and types and trying to find the exact right shade.

Rimmel Radiance BB CreamI use the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation on a daily basis for my everyday make up anyway and I saw this on the website and judging by the reviews it is a really good product. I always read the reviews on things before I buy them just to get a feel of how people find them and to see what the pros and cons are of the product so its a good habit to get into when buying stuff! This product primes, smoothes, conceals, helps to minimise pores appearance, provides natural coverage, moisturises for 24 hours, brightens skin with a vitamin c complex and gives a radiant finish.

So thats my foundation post for the day I will have my next post which will be hair products up tomorrow but I will probably have loads more make up posts to come as Im not going for another couple months! If you have any suggestions or anything then feel free to let me know!

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