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love quoteAfternoon everyone! Sorry for the silence the last few days but I have just been working away! So todays post is just going to be a catch up of a few things I have planned for the next week and what posts will be coming up just to get you all caught up on whats going on!

So to start off my last post was a short one on the marriage referendum here in Ireland and the Yes vote being so important and as of Saturday the 23rd I can say that we did it! We made history by being the first country to pass a a referendum by popular vote! I am so glad this little country came together and supported marriage equality and made history this year! When the Irish get together we can move mountains so well done everyone!

Ireland Thank YouSo theres just a few little things that I have been up to and it involves outfits. I have been doing some late night wardrobe creating because on June 5th I will be joining my mother at the Connect Kerry Business Awards which she is nominated in and its a black tie event! I have my look almost sorted out but I am still working on the full look but I did post a little preview to Instagram about a week ago and I cant wait to show you guys the full thing! I am so excited to be going and I think its going to be a great night for networking and meeting new people!

Secondly I have been messing around trying to find something for my Grandmothers birthday on Friday so were having a meal out to celebrate and this weather is so confusing its near impossible to plan a look. One day its really warm and sunny and then, like today, its really grey and so cold! Its nearly June Irelands summer needs to sort itself out. I have however figured out a way to wear one piece in my wardrobe. I bought these grey suiting like trousers ages ago from online and I havent worn them because they were a bit big on the leg and I am so used to skinny jeans it just looks kind of weird to me! After messing around the other night I tried rolling up the ends and I actually like the result. I havent worked out how to wear them in a full look but its a start instead of them sitting in the wardrobe doing absolutely nothing!

Evanna Lily InstagramEvanna Lily Instagram photoSo stay tuned for the first post which will be our meal out and my look coming up after Friday!

The next post I am hoping to have up over the next few days is on my hair. As you know I had my hair dyed in Sean Taaffe’s Hair Salon about 7 weeks ago and the colour was virtually gone so I decided to touch it up myself using Garnier Olia Permanent Colour so I will be doing a review of that product having never used it before! I won’t be posting my hair pictures yet though because I don’t think I did it right so I have to go over the ends of my hair again! I think because my hair is really long it didn’t reach all of it but thankfully because my hair is dark is doesn’t look terrible! It just looks like my hair is a dark brown at the moment so I will be doing it again before the black tie event!

Sean Taaffe ColourGarnier Olia Hair ColourSo thats all really and I will be doing some more polyvore posts and for now just stay tuned to my Snapchat and Instagram for updates!

Ever Yours




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