Same Love

Hey guys this is just a quick post on whats been happening today which is actually a pretty important day here in Ireland. Today here in Ireland we all had our say in the new marriage referendum which would allow same sex couples to get married. So this morning I got myself down to the voting station to give a massive Yes to equal marriage! If you haven’t voted today the voting stations are open from 7am to 10pm so get yourself down there and cast your vote! This is such an important thing here because still in 2015 so many people in this country have not accepted homosexuality. There have been so many posters and adverts against equal marriage and they used children as their weapon for this. They used slogans like “Equal marriage is Inequality for children”, “Two fathers cannot replace a mothers love”, “Children deserve a mother and a father” etc and this is not only offensive to same sex couples but also single parents as they are insinuating that a single parent cannot provide the love that two people could which is obviously not true because there are hundreds of people across the nation who do this everyday and maintain the role of mother and father at the same and do an amazing job at it. This referendum is about Marriage Equality not adoption, not surrogacy, not parenting skills or requirements but about two people being able to celebrate their love with the people closest to them by being able to say I Do like any other couple. Im sure that we all know a homosexual, bisexual, LGBT person in our lives or know someone that does and imagine what it would mean to that person to have everyone support their right to love and be loved. I know gay people and I would love to be able to be there in the years to come when they stand up and say I Do and be recognised as a loving married couple.  So I hope you all voted Yes to this referendum and help made 2015 the year of Equality and Fairness! I will let you all know the outcome of this tomorrow but for now I am staying positive and I would like to believe that with all the Yes support I have seen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and from all over the world that we have done it. Macklemore, Zach Braff, Ed Sheeran, and so many other celebrities have encouraged people to vote yes and so many Irish abroad have come home to vote so I really hope we have done it! So in the words of Macklemore “No freedom till were equal. Damn right I support it.” Equal Love

Ever Yours



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