Stepping Stones

GoalsAfternoon everyone I hope Monday isn’t being too hard on you! Todays post is a more personal post today about my goals and hopes for the future and my plan which I am always working on to get to where I want to be.

So this year I have accomplished a few things on my list and one of them is to do with driving. I now have my provisional license sorted so now I’m just waiting on finding the right instructor and this time next year I aim to be qualified fully and driving around in my own little car! I’m giving myself until 2016 because purchasin, taxing, insuring, NCTing a car is so expensive so Im just going to spend the next year save save saving! It would be so handy because then I will be freer to do more projects in and out of Kerry like photoshoots with Ryan Elle Photo so try different locations and stuff instead of relying on my mum and her schedule as well as my own work one.

driving pinterest                    Learning to drive also ties in with an idea that I am toying with for 2016 and that involves doing a second fashion course in Galway Technical Institute. I had such a great time there the first time around and I learnt so much which really helped me with my job at Newlook and since I am really interested in visual merchandising like displays, mannequins, shop floor etc I think it would be a good idea to expand my knowledge of this area and learn more about it. I am hoping to start a course through the Newlook Academy in visual merchandising so that will be great because I can literally learn at work but I think that this course in Galway might be a good idea too. So if I do this course and I am driving then it will be a bit easier than the first time I lived there because I will have my own transport and be able to drive up and down from Kerry when it suits instead of getting on a bus on Fridays with a big bag and waiting in the rain etc. So i’ll let  you know the outcome of this and get back to you!Shoe Window Display for newlookMannequin window display for newlook After I have finished my courses I want to be a lit more involved with the visual merchandising side of my workplace a bit more and hopefully have a lot input into it and just get involved really. There are some really good opportunities within Newlook when it comes to visual merchandising like having a say in how other stores look and going up to say Galway so see their store and have a say in how its laid out and if there are any changes that can be made. One thing that I want this all to lead up to is for me to own my own fashion retail store in London or somewhere like that. I wouldn’t design any of the clothes myself obviously I am so not talented enough for that but I would love to have my own line like the Kardashians have the Kardashian Kollection and DASH or Michelle Keegan’s line at Lipsy London. My friend Aleks and I were talking one night about having our own store in New York, Miami, London and Dublin which would be amazing but that is definitely just a dream right now! New York CityLondon CityDublin                                        As I mentioned London in my last paragraph I would like to have my own store there I also have a life goal of owning a London Townhouse. I have been re-blogging photos of them on my Pinterest for the last day or so and I just love them. They are just so classy and cute looking! I am aware of how super expensive they are but I figure everyone who owns one started somewhere and thats what Im doing! So when I think that maybe I should give up on something I just think of that townhouse and how Im not going to get there by giving up. In my view if you can see yourself somewhere and you want it really badly you should put in effort to get there because like anything if you dont put work in and you do nothing towards it and it doesn’t happen you only have yourself to blame for not putting any effort in! I am a long way off my townhouse being only 19 and starting out in the world but I am willing to work to make it happen so when I am at that point I can say “I did it” which I think is a really rewarding thing to be able to say…Townshouse leavesPrimrose hillpink doorgeorgiana house designnotting hillSo thats about it really. This is all based over a long period of time so I have plenty of time to get there being only 19 at the moment! So for anyone else who sits there and sees someone doing really well remember that you are just beginning and that they have a head start so just keep going and you will get there!  I hope you enjoyed todays post and I will speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



2 thoughts on “Stepping Stones

  1. chelinumerable says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your goals in life and I wish you all the best in getting your own store in London x

    I’m slowly but surely working on mine because it’s about time I do something about it. Wish I was as well organized as you are when I was 19 🙂

    Chel x

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