Hello Yellow

Yellow ColourAfternoon everyone and happy Sunday even though tomorrow its Monday all over again (ugh). Todays post is all about my latest colour crush Yellow. I would love to have loads of yellow pieces in my wardrobe at the moment because its just such a bright and happy colour and is perfect for summer. I have started my relationship with yellow by purchasing a chiffon summer top from Pennys (more on that later) so hopefully I’ll get a few more pieces to brighten up my everyday outfits and for my holiday later in the year. So as per usual I have looked through my list of online stores and here are some of my finds!

Zara Layered DressZara Layered Dress back

Zara Skinny Trousers

Zara skinny trousers close up                  I came across all these gorgeous products on Zarawhich my mum is a big fan of. If you havent looked at their website then give a go because it honestly such a nice website with really good photos of their products and I really really like it! These two things are such great examples of some great yellow pieces. This Layered Dress is absolutely stunning and I just love it. Its really elegant and pretty and perfect for summer. I am seriously considering adding this to my wardrobe! These Skinny Trousers are perfect for casual wear and for dressing up a bit. They are so much nicer then the regular black and grey boring trousers and just a jean. Wear them around in sandals or dress them up with scrappy heels whichever I am sure they would be a good friend for life!

Newlook Plaited CamiNewlook yellow blazer                                                                            I first saw this Plaited Cami Top at work in Newlookthe other day and I am seriously crushing on it. Its also available in white and coral and a few other colours on the website and its just so nice for summer because its really simple and summery. We may not have the weather for it right now in Kerry but I’m sure we will again at some point so I think it will be a great buy. It will go really well with shorts, jeans, trousers and skirts. This Waterfall Blazer is really great for summer too because it will just brighten up any outfit. Just plain jeans and a top will look that little bit more special with this colourful blazer as you can see in the photo from the website. This blazer is also available in a range of colours so check the website if the colour isn’t really working you but the blazer is!

H&M maxi dress

H&M bandeau dressBoth of these items are from H&Mand are really good examples of how to dress up the colour yellow a bit. The Maxi Dress is just a must have for holidays (not if you’re on the shorter side like me because it will just drown you) and is so nice to just throw on by the pool or if you’re heading out for some sight seeing. This one is easy to dress up which is exactly what you need on holiday. A case full of versatile clothing for any occasion while your away. Its a really simple style as well so its not too fussy or anything. The second dress is a more dressy version of how to wear yellow. This Bandeau Dress is perfect for an occasion like a night out or a party and you’re bored with the usual black and everyday colours. Its a nice shape and would look really good on!

So thats my post for today and I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any comments or questions leave one below and I will get back to you A.S.A.P! Happy Sunday everyone.

Ever Yours





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