White Hot Jeans

Hello May


Happy Monday everyone and happy May as this is my first May post (where is this year going?!) todays post is just going to be about some jeans trends that I have been crushing on lately and that I have seen around the store and online etc. For anyone that keeps up with my snapchat (evanna_lily) you will have seen my new white ripped knee skinny jeans that I adore but I found a hole in them yesterday so they have to go back. So I thought I would just do a post about the different styles of white skinny jeans.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner here wearing a simple skinny leg jean which are a great style because they are just simple with no rips or anything and they will go with anything because they are white. This style works really well on tall leggy people like Kendall but will suit shorter people like myself but depending on the length you may have to roll up the ends. Here a some affordable styles I found online.

Topshop jeansNoisey May White Skinny JeansNordstrom jeans

Image 1 Topshop White Jaime Jeans//Image 2 Noisy May Eve Skinny Jeans at ASOS//Image 3 Skinny Jeans at Nordstrom.com// 

Hilary Duff


Here we have Hilary Duff sporting a semi casual look with distressed white skinny jeans which are right on trend right now. This is a sort of extreme if you like instead of just simple ripped knee jeans. They are a really cool look and are a cool detail to any jeans look. Heres some that I found


Image 1 Liquor and Poker Shredded White Jeans at ASOS//Image 2 Dollhouse Destruction Skinny jeans at C21stores.com//Image 3 White Distressed Jeans at Zulily.com//

white jeans pinterest


I saw this look on Pinterest and I just love it! The jeans that I bought from work were similar to these but the knees where just slits not a cut out. They are such a nice style because they’re simple enough to be worn causally but so good for dressing up. Heres the ones that I found.



Image 1 Authentic High-rise Ripped Knee Jeans at Newlook.com//Image 2 Winter White Skinnies at ASOS//Image 3  Parisian Collection white skinny jeans at Newlook.com//

So there the three main styles of white jeans at the moment and I’m planning on a few outfit creations using these styles on my Polvore so keep an eye out during the week for that. Also on a separate note I am thinking of re starting my Depop account because I have so much stuff that could go because I have either never worn it or stopped wearing stuff from years ago so let me know what you think about that and wether thats something you would be interested in me doing.

Happy Monday everyone!

Ever Yours



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