Smart Shopping Skills

Budget QuoteMorning everyone! Todays post is just about some tips I have for saving money while shopping and I hope you all enjoy it and find it useful!

So as a few things are coming together for me this year I am learning that I need to save a bit more for the things that really matter like visiting my friends in other counties and starting to save for a car and all the expenses that come with that (god knows theres a scary figure when you add tax,insurance and running it!) so I decided to share a few of my saving tips with you guys.

  • I have never been a massive spender and I would save up for things if I really wanted them like when I was in my early teens saving for a new phone and I guess because when I was younger the only money I got was pocket money from my grandparents! I used to save that up and store it in my little shoe box in my bedroom and then I would spend it all in one go. I guess when I moved to Galway for college I learnt a lot about money management. I wasn’t the best at saving but I still learnt a good bit more about taking care of my money by having to deal with things like rent, college supplies, bills, food and travel to and from Kerry to Galway to see my family. Even then because I was a little bit bad with it because I would pay my rent and bills and then splurge the rest of the month on snacks, clothes, online shopping, etc and when you spend little bits everyday it all adds up. If you think that buying one or two bits of food a day is saving by not doing  bit shop you are wrong!Dory Quote
  • So this is a problem that like many others I have to stop myself from doing and after a year of being at college saying “I need to save up for the next bill, but this top is ten euro so that doesn’t make that much of a difference” I have just about learned to say No. If you are saving for something then make sue you stick to it as much as possible. Its always nice to buy new clothes and treat yourself but if you cant afford to then simply don’t do it because at the end of the day a new pair or jeans aren’t going to pay your bills or help you complete your saving goals. I get that sometimes its hard to just walk away from something but its better to have resisted temptation and then when you reach your saving target its a great feeling! Another big problem is impulse buying. When you pick something up and think “I have to have this its so nice” chances are you don’t need it. Working in fashion retail I know this only took well! I could be walking around doing clear rail and spot something I really like and buy it after work and then a couple months later its still got the tags on and is just sitting in the wardrobe having never been worn. So when you see something you like while shopping stop for a minute and think about how much you need it and when you’re going to wear it. Just think of Monica in FRIENDS with her boots that are ridiculously painful but she won’t give them up!Online Shopping
  • Online shopping is all well and good but if you don’t know how to use it then you will find all your money has disappeared from that credit card. When shopping online I think its best to check all your favourite stores to see similar items and just compare prices. For example I found this amazing dress online last year for my staff christmas party and I did some checking around before I made a decision and I ended up getting the exact same dress from for €10 cheaper than the one i had my eye on originally. So it always helps to just check out all the competition first before just buying it then and there. It depends on what your buying but it always helps to read reviews too. I bought my iPhone online for over €100 cheaper than any phone store and I checked out all the reviews of the product on that website first and made sure that the reviews were good and people were happy with it. So if you’re saving always have a look around for cheaper alternatives that are easier on the bank balance but not so cheap that they’re only going to last for a week! Coffee cup
  • So we all like a little snack now and again during the day but honestly it is so expensive at the end of the day. As I work near a costa if I’m early for work I will go in there and have a sandwich and a hot chocolate or a coffee cooler and when you add up all these prices from little coffees here and there and a snack from elsewhere every couple of days this stuff all adds up over time. I know people who say how expensive bills and rent are but they are constantly having meals out and going for coffees and this just does not make sense to me. If you are complaining about how expensive bills are don’t eat out simple as! When I moved to Galway I spent so much money on snacks, food for dinners and hot chocolates it was crazy! I think that if you have two or three recipes for dinners you can cook yourself you can play around with them and make new dishes for yourself. It never hurts to look up a recipe or get a recipe book to have to hand because honestly it will be so much nicer on your purse. Instead of spending loads of money on take away meals, snacks, drinks and treats just buy a few chicken fillets, some vegetables, and a bag of rice (rice will last you ages because you only need a small amount for cooking anyway!) and you have a dinner. You can even use leftovers for lunch the next day to use it up instead of just throwing it out. So if you’re looking for ways to keep your money in your purse take a minute to think about how much money you spend on snacks on a lunch break, coffees and nibbles while shopping etc and cut down on those little things! closet idea
  • Lastly it never hurts to have a wardrobe clear out. God knows I have so many things that I don’t wear anymore or bought and haven’t worn. I think that when your are trying to save a bit you should considering selling a few pieces just to help the process along and also it creates more space. You can sell old things on ASOS Marketplace, Depop, Ebay or even to certain charity because some stores buy your old clothes to sell on. We all have things in our wardrobes that we hold on to for sentimental reasons but honestly if you have this item and it doesn’t even fit anymore and you have been telling yourself for a few years that you will fit into it again get rid of it. You’re not going to wear it and you could get some extra money for it instead of it taking up space.  It also helps to know what you have in your wardrobe when you decided to go on a shopping spree because more often then not you have some version of that already and you could end up buying something virtually the same just newer.

So I hope you enjoyed todays post and I’ll speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



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