Rip It Up

Rip It Up
Hey guys its been a while since I did a polyvore outfit post so I’m going to try and get back into them a bit more as they are so handy for outfit inspiration. So this one is just an easy, grunge, colourful look that perfect for summer. I started with this mesh crop top from because crop tops are all in for summer and this one has such a cool mesh detail. I paired it with these Ripped Boyfriend Jeans from because ripped denim is such a big thing at the moment and also because with the crop top I think they have a slight nineties feel to the especially with the Gold Chain Necklace. I am having a major crush on brogues at the moment and practically live in my pennys version which are really similar to the this pair by and a good looking flat shoe is not only good with jeans but they are comfortable to be in for long periods of time especially at work. The glasses from are retro style which I think goes perfectly for this look and the belt is great for the jeans because they bring in the waist and enhance the boyfriend style. The other accessories like the nail varnish and lipstick are really good in this look because it adds pops of colour and brings it to life a little and adds the summer touch. The rings match up with the necklace and the bag is perfect because the colour isn’t dark and it matches with the shoes.
I hope you’re all enjoying your Wednesday!
Ever Yours

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