Liebster Award

SuccessfulHey everyone I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Todays post is all about the Liebster Award that a fellow blogger has nominated me for so thank you to Elise at for that! So for anyone that doesn’t know about the Liebster Award here is what its all about!

Liebster Award


The Liebster Award is an online award from blogger to blogger to encourage them to gain more acknowledgement. Its for blogs with under 200 hundred followers just to help give them a boost.   Its to help bloggers like yourself to just expand their followers and get a little more acknowledgement while promoting other blogs. Here are the rules to the award:

  • Thank the blogger and blog who nominated you and leave a link to their website
  • Answer the questions they set for you
  • Nominate your own favourite blogs with under 200 followers and create your own list of questions for them to answer
  • Let your nominees know about their nomination by commenting on their blogs.

So Elise has set out a list of questions and here are my answers!

  • What Do You Like Best About Blogging/Blogging Community?

The thing I like best about blogging and the blogging community is the way that every blogger and blog is different and you can learn something from each one. Everyone has a different style of writing and posting and you can look at a few blogs and take something away from each one and try to improve your own style. Its easy to look at a professional blog and blogger and say “I want my blog to be like that” but they had to start someone too and work on their blog and I think that when your starting out its great to look at other beginner blogs like your own just to see the different styles and variations that are out there and all learn something new from each blog. I think that we all support each other without even realising it, Just by reading someones post either from yesterday or a few months ago you are helping to boost that blog and taking something from it yourself which is always great for the blogger because it means they are doing their job/hobby right.

  • If You Could Have Any Super Power What Would It Be?

If I could have a super power I think it would be able to have a magic wand to just to do things for me like redo my bedroom. Its not a typical super power but it would be very handy to just wave my magic wand and have my room completely redecorated exactly the way it is in my head with new furniture and everything! I would use it all the time to do things like that. I would also like to power to actually save an outfit in my wardrobe overtime I like one on instagram! You always see those posts saying “I wish when I liked a photo on Instagram it would save in my closet” well I would love that! It would be so handy to have except I think I wouldn’t have a room left if I had that power because my wardrobe is pretty full as it is!

  • Who Knows You The Best?

That is actually such an interesting question because I dont think there ever is one person that knows you the best. I think everyone has a part of themselves that they keep hidden away. Its like that saying “You Never Fully Know A Person”. I would like to say my three main best friends who I cannot live with out and who keep me sane a majority of the time even when Im not with them and I drive them crazy a lot of the time so thanks to them for putting up with me!  I think two of them I have known since secondary school so they know me the longest and know all my little ways and my other bestie I met in Galway and she knows me maybe too well at this stage! I could never do without these three girlies because we all know too much about each other!

  • How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Im actually not a massive coffee drinker. I know people say you either hate coffee or you live off it but I can honestly say that I am in the middle. I only started drinking it a year ago maybe and even now I dont drink it every day. I like a teaspoon of the instant coffee, a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of hot chocolate powder and a good bit of milk. Its so nice because its not too strong and not too weak. Pure coffee is just too strong for my taste!

  • If You Could Be Anywhere In The World Right Now Where Would It Be?

At this current moment in time its is actually cold and rainy in Kerry after a couple weeks of pure warm sunshine so somewhere nice and hot! As I am originally from London I would like to say in London just shopping around, going to the British museum and seeing all my old friends. I would like to say Galway as well because I just love it there. After living there for a year having never been there before I just fell in love with it. It really is such a gorgeous place and everyone is so friendly there. I would love to be walking to the Pier on the Salthill Prom with my best friend Aleks just talking about the Kardashians and just chatting.

flying high

  • What The Quirkiest Thing About You?

I like to think the quirkiest thing about me is my ability to remember lines from movies having only seen them once. I don’t know why but movie lines just stick in my head for some reason! I can almost mouth along with every single episode of FRIENDS I have seen them so many times! I can also identify an actors voice from commercials and stuff. Its a weird little talent but I cant help it!

  • Are You  A Morning Or Evening Person?

In all honesty Im a bit of both. If I get up early enough and put on a nice casual outfit and get straight to whatever I have to do I feel good and feel like I have achieved something before the afternoon even starts which frees up the rest of my day and i dont feel as tired. I think that when I get up late like 11 its about 1 o clock before my day starts properly and then Im tired around 3 o clock and then I wake up in the evening so I just end up in the cycle of being tired at ridiculous times. Like when I go to work at 2 o clock Im so tired by about half 3. I do like to just sit in the evenings and watch a movie and relax on my bed though.

  • What Would you Describe As Your Best Quality?

My best quality I like to think is that I never judge a book by its cover and I like to see the best in people. I try not to automatically judge someone (I think we all have a tendency to judge someone in a moment before we get to know them) so I like to think that everyone is a nice person and is a good soul. I always make an effort to be nice to people also because as the saying goes “Better to be the one who smiled than the one who doesn’t smile back” so its just nice to be nice.

  • Whats The Precious Thing In Your Closet?

The most precious thing in my wardrobe isn’t actually clothing its actually a piece of jewellery that my nan gave me years and years ago and its a pink diamond necklace with a silver chain. I just love it so much that I only ever wear it on really special occasions and it is one of my favourite things in the world. Its one of my favourite things because its from one of my favourite people.

  • Where Do You Get Your Inspiration To Blog From?

I get my inspiration to blog from different bloggers really. I have always seen other blogs and profiles and wanted to have my own little profile that I could call my own and work on myself. I started getting into fashion when I was about 12 I started designing and creating outfits and seeing all the different looks and then I went off it for a while and had my weird fashion phase (It was mainly a hoodie and runners with skinny jeans) but then I found my style and started to get into it again. I made my decision to start an actual blog in Galway because I wanted a way to share all my fashion projects and thoughts with people. I had also seen a few fashion blogs and though to myself “Maybe I can do this” and after a while and some thinking I decided to give it a go. Im really happy I did because even though I am still learning and I still have a good way to go I feel like this is something I can do and frankly it makes me happy.

So that is all the questions asked by Elsie and I hope you enjoyed this post. I would like to thank Elise for asking me to take part and talk to you again guys!

Ever Yours



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