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Social MediaAfternoon everybody I hope you’re all enjoying you’re Sunday wherever you are in the world and that its as sunny and bright as it is where I am in Kerry! Todays post is about my favourite social media sites and why I like them so much so I hope you all enjoy it!

Evanna Lily SnapchatFirst up is my new Snapchat which I set up yesterday so I hope you all get adding! I have my own personal snapchat for my friends and family anyway but I decided over the last week to set one up for the blog as well so I can share things with you right in the moment instead of taking a million photos and just uploading them to Instagram later. I’m planning on using snapchat to create day to day stories of my daily outfits and let you know a bit more about what I’m up to during the day. Snapchat is such a handy app because it allows you to connect with people and share a moment with them exactly when it happens. So I hope you all get involved and enjoy my stories!


evanna lily instagram


Instagram is an app that I just love. Its a great way of sharing photos with people all over the world simply by using a hashtag. It has a range of 20 different filters to edit your photo and all the setting to change the lighting, colour, shadows, highlights, sharpness etc and it can really make your photos amazing. When writing a description for your photo you add a hashtag of the subject your photo is about and when people search that hashtag then your photo comes up! I use Instagram for my personal life and for the blog so everyone can see my fashion related posts and then for personal things like family photos I have them on my personal instagram which is on private. You have the option of having your profile on public (so everyone in the world can see them) or on private (only for people you approve to follow you). I would say if you just want a personal account just to share with friends then put your profile on private but literally anyone can screenshot your photos and you will never know. You do get the spam accounts commenting on your photos but when that happens I just go back and delete them later! I basically use this app just to boost my posts and let you all know what Im up to and the filters are great for enhancing a photo. So if you’re not following them do give a follow!

PinterestEvanna Lily Pinterest


Another great app and site is Pinterest. Pinterest is so handy for finding things and personally I think it finds more than google images a majority of the time! I have to admit I dont keep up with this app as much as others but I love it for finding images. I use it to find quotes, outfits, home decor, jewellery etc literally everything you could ever search for is on Pinterest. For anyone that doesn’t know how Pinterest works you basically create mood boards online. You have a board for example Spring In My Step and you can search for Spring Outfits and pin them to your board so they are all saved in there for you to look at whenever you want. I have a few boards besides these for Summer Outfits, Home Decor, Quotes, Hair, Nails, Shoes and Dresses. You also have the option of having private boards so for example if you were planning a wedding or something and you didn’t want everyone to see this board then you can change it to private and keep all your ideas and inspiration pins in this board and only you can see it. You can have as many boards as you want on public or private and add as many pins as you want to any of them! I love it for quotes because it is just filled with loads of amazing quotes and they are a weakness of mine I just love inspiring quotes.


evanna lily tumblrTumblr is one of my oldest online accounts. Tumblr is a blogging site where you can repost photos, articles, quotes etc to your profile and have a mix of other peoples posts and your own on one site. I love my Tumblr profile because you can link it to your WordPress blog and Instagram so all my Instagram photos go straight to this page when I post and same with my blog posts. I use it to find a majority of my outfit photos from the albums on my Pinterest and my Facebook page. Its great for just gathering loads of interesting photos and inspiration for projects and updating my Facebook albums. There are also loads of different layouts and options for your profile layout for example you can let people ask you questions and you can respond and it shows on your profile. It can be kind of addictive as well I remember days off in college you could sit there for a good long while just re-blogging loads and loads of photos! Im almost at 200 followers so thank you all for following and keep sharing!

I hope you all enjoyed todays post and any questions let me know! Remember to use social media responsibly because once its on the internet you can never erase it and never use it to attack others.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone

Ever Yours



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