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Afternoon everyone! Todays post is about some of the new pieces I have bought to update my summer wardrobe and to have for my holiday later in the year which I am so excited about! When it comes to things like this its so handy to have my work discount so I can get so many things from the store and online just by going to work! So here are a few things I have picked up lately.

white sleeveless jacketwhite sleeveless jacketwhite sleeveless jacket


This White Sleeveless Jacket came into the store about a week ago and I just had to have it. Its similar to my Camel Coloured Cameo Rose Sleeveless Jacket but this is the Newlook version. It is so classy because its white but you can dress it down really easily just over jeans white sneakers. It has a side split detail on both sides at the end too which really cool. Its really comfortable as well because its a Polyester and Elastane mix where as the cameo rose one is a more textured version and feels that tiny bit rougher but I still love them both and cant wait to shoot some outfit creations with these!



I spotted this Neon White bikini on Misguided a while ago and after a bit of deliberating I decided to get it. I dont normally order swimwear online because my size varies between an eight and a six on the top so I have to try them on but this one is so nice. The top is a tad too big and Im past the point of returning it so Im going to try and alter it a bit but its so nice on. The top is a front zip up top so theres no clasp or anything at the back which is kinda handy because some bikini tops you really have to fiddle with the clasp because its a weird twisty sideways slide clasp (Hate those) but this is just an easy front zip.

black jumpsuitblack jumpsuit


I bought this Plain Black Jumpsuit from work about two days ago because i had my eye on it for a while but I just could not make my mind up on it. Im usually a bit wary of jumpsuits because Im not the tallest standing at a total of 5 foot 1 Inches so the legs are normally way too long and the waist is in the wrong place but this one didn’t disappoint me. The legs are a bit long but if I roll them up a bit they are perfect. The straps are adjustable on this one as well which is so handy because then you can alter them to the right length for you and it alters the waist a bit  as well because it gives more room depending on how you have the straps because the back lowers as the straps get longer.

Parisian PlaysuitParisian Playsuit

Parisian PlaysuitParisian PlaysuitParisian PlaysuitParisian PlaysuitParisian Playsuit


Lastly this is one of my favourite buys from work over the last few weeks. You may have seen my preview photo on my Instagram about a week ago of the label but here is the full thing and I am so excited to play around with my playsuit! This playsuit is from the Parisian Collection which features on the Newlook website and I just fell in love with it when I saw it. I just adore the neon embroidery against the white. Its a really elegant piece and I have already started to create a few look with it and my favourite one so far is with my white court shoes. It has the pretty embroidery all over it in small forms like along the bottom of the legs, on the pockets, down the neckline and has the cute bobble detail along the neckline, sleeves and legs.  I just love it so much! Its also available in Black with orange embroidery on the Newlook website last time I looked.

I hope you all enjoyed todays post and have a good weekend everyone!

Ever Yours



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