Anniversaries and Easter Eggs

growing old

Good afternoon everyone sorry for the silence lately but I have just been busy at work and enjoying a few things that Im going to tell you about in this post!

Last Friday was my Grandparents 61st Wedding Anniversary (Sixty One whole years!!) and to celebrate this we went for a lunch at The Europe Hotel And Spa in Killarney and had a nice lunch before I headed off to work. It is actually amazing that two people have been together for sixty one years and still have fun. They are such an inspiration and I can only pray that I could find someone to put up with me for that amount of time and still want to be around me everyday! As I said we went for a nice meal in The Europe Hotel and it is one of my favourite places in Killarney. I had two birthday dinners in there and the food is so good. The views are stunning and the hotel itself is just amazing. Here are a couple photos from the day!






I was so glad that I finally got to wear my Cameo Rose Sleeveless Jacket out and about! I kept my outfit and look pretty simple as I was going to work afterwards so just a change of shoes and a cardigan and I was good to go! As you can see I went for a steak and chips and I struggled to finish it let me tell you but at least I was nice and full for work so I definitely did not get hungry half way through my shift! The decor in the hotel is so nice. Its like rustic/modern with the wood and horn chandelier but with the modern lamps and chairs. The first hotel photo is of the lounge and I didn’t even get the view from the window wall at the end but if you have a scroll through my posts there is definitely some photos of the view from previous posts! The second hotel photo has a peak at the view of The Lakes of Killarney and is actually the stairs leading to the Spa (I haven’t used it yet but it definitely something I need to do!) and the little mirror disks are really cool.



So obviously last Sunday was Easter Sunday and I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend and enjoyed all your chocolates! I was working that day so I didn’t get any Easter Egg until I got home but my mum didn’t disappoint with a Lindt egg and gold bunny! I haven’t started it yet because Im really weird with chocolates I like to save them for a really good movie night or for when I watch a show like Keeping Up With The Kardashians which is only once a week so its like a little treat to myself (I sound like such a weirdo but I cant be the only one who does this?) so Im just saving it for a while! When its Easter my mum likes to do a little bit of decoration just for when people come over theres like a little display and she always gets a branch from outside and hangs these little decorated plastic eggs on them and puts it in a vase. She added daffodils this year as well because they are all in bloom at the moment!







So thats my week really and I hope that you are all looking forward to the weekend. Im having my hair done tomorrow so be on the look out for a post about it! Also I am thinking about setting up a snapchat account for the blog so you can all see what Im doing right then and there instead of just Instagramming it later on so let me know if this is something you would be interested in!

Ever Yours




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