Happy Easter Bunnies


I just wanted to say Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I am instantly going to apologise for this GIF is you are off chocolate or don’t celebrate easter but I couldn’t help myself! I hope you are all spoilt with chocolate and don’t feel too guilty about the amount you eat because after all this day is officially a day dedicated to chocolate so it would be rude to only eat a little! Incase none of you know I do have a bit of a sweet tooth so no doubt I will eating chocolate all day like the rest of you (goodbye summer body!) although to be honest Im always eating some form of it most days anyway! After today Im sure a lot of us will resemble this little easter bunny!



I hope you all enjoy the day whatever you get up to and don’t feel too guilty about all the easter eggs! Remember to follow my Instagram for updates on my day and see what Im up to today and use the hashtag #evannalily with your photos if you want me to see any looks or outfits you have put together for any occasion or to let me know if you have created a look from the blog!

Happy Easter Bunnies


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