Colour Crushes

1ffd0cbed6830d125d09db1ec9fe04a4Hey everybody I hope your week went well and that your coffee is strong this Monday! Todays post is another hair related post and its just all about the colours and styles Im crushing on at the moment. To be honest I am slightly bored with my hair because it has been the same for quite a while now with a side fringe, long, straight and dark brunette and I feel like a little change is order! I am so scared of doing anything with my hair though because I dont want it to end up looking awful and I cant have it changed every other day! Im not Kim Kardashian! (Who’s recent hair colour I definitely will not be trying out!)

First up we have a colour that I tried out briefly last year and I might try it out again and its dark cherry. The last time I dyed my hair this colour I just dyed it at home instead of going to the hairdresser and I would like to have it done properly so that its more noticeable. When I did it myself (I was a student I couldn’t afford the hairdresser!) it was just me and my housemate working off the instructions and I dont think I left it in long enough! Anyway here are some people who definitely can pull it off!


Selena Gomez

Hair Colour


Another thing I want to try but I dont think I ever will is a wavy mid length bob. I was thinking about it for a few weeks around the start of February but I dont think I would be able to deal with it! Last time I got my hair cut it felt so short even though it wasn’t so I think I am definitely a person who needs long hair!

10981507_637109409727887_371492101766452891_n10995889_637109163061245_8895430664579008555_n10981867_637108943061267_2831686940439415569_nLastly I would love to go blonde at some point in my life. Not like a bleach blonde or really light blonde but an almost brown blonde (I will admit right now I am not down with the hair colour chart lingo!) but I think I would like to try it just to go in the complete opposite direction of my natural colour! Just to see what its like and do something completely different.




I am also considering some extensions just to add some volume and a little extra length to my natural look. I would literally kill for Michelle Keegan’s hair!


So thats my post for today and I hope you guys all enjoyed it and who knows I may opt for the blonde a bit earlier than I say! Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions on colours or styles.

Ever Yours




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