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Afternoon everybody! Todays post is another hair care post but not exactly about products or routine. So the other night I posted a photo to my Instagram of my hair natural and you guys just went mad over it! Some of you even left some comments saying how nice it was so thank you! So todays post is about that but in more detail.



From a couple hair care posts you all know my hair is naturally curly but I have a slight obsession with my straightener but for the last few days I have left it alone and I have to say the end result isn’t as bad as I thought it would be! From my last hair care post (Good Hair Day) you all know that I use a couple of heat sprays and straighten my hair a lot but lately my hair has a had a break from all of these things. Heres my reasons why Im going against my routine:

  • I have run out of Volume Heat Spray
  • My Hairdryer is broken
  • I want to change up my look a little.

Thats it. My whole list of reasons! Basically a couple days ago my hairdryer started to overheat and this insane orange light was coming out of it but lately it just doesn’t get hot anymore so I think its time to start looking for a replacement! Its sort of a good thing because when my hair is towel dried after I finish washing it the curls are really nice but as soon as I blow dry them they just go frizzy! So with my hairdryer entering retirement stage I only use the lowest heat setting to sort of finish off the drying stage and then the curls are still there but not mad frizzy! After my hair is dry I just twist the left and right side individually and then twist them together at the back and tie it into a bun and leave it for as long as possible. I normally wash my hair in the evening so its clean for work the next day so maybe two/three hours tied up. It just helps the curls set in.

The end result is just my natural curls that had a little help and I can do anything with it. When I put my curly hair into a bun it works so much better than the straight hair because it has more body and so stays the way it is where as the straight hair in a bun just falls normally. Here is the end result!



So thats todays post on a little hair care trick! I hope you guys enjoyed it and are looking forward to Friday tomorrow! This week went so fast or is it just me that thinks that? Hope you are all enjoying your week!

Ever Yours




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