Playing Dress Up

Afternoon everyone! This is just another quick post on some new pieces I have bought recently that you might have seen on my Instagram a little while ago! These two new pieces are currently my favourites in my wardrobe and I have been putting some looks together at home but haven’t worn them out yet. Both of these pieces came from Newlook and I just love them both. The camel sleeveless jacket by Cameo Rose is perfect for any semi formal occasion. So if your just feeling dressy but dont want to make too much of an effort then its great for just finishing a look off. I have tried two different looks with this jacket at home and it goes really well with blue jeans, a black vest and the fedora hat (seen below). You can find it on the Newlook website by choosing the Cameo Rose option in the Label Lounge section!

Next are the Ankle Strap Heels which are Number 1 on my shoe list at the moment! They are so comfortable and fit perfectly. They are real leather so they are not a rough material like some ankle strap shoes where they end up rubbing on the toe band. I have tried these out with a few other looks at home too and they go with virtually anything! Jeans, skirts, dresses of any colour. They also look so chic especially with a dressy dress. I cant wait for it to start getting warmer all the time so I can wear them out to something (its way too cold at night to have sandals on in my opinion I was freezing the other night in boots when I was outside!) and show them off properly! You can find them on the Newlook website too and also in White! evanna lilyevanna lily




My fedora hat has been making a small appearance in my outfit experiments and I love it so much but its One Size so its too big on my head so if anyone knows where I can get one around this time of year in a size small or where I can get a band to put into it so make it smaller let me know! This hat goes really well with the Cameo Rose Jacket and I cant wait for summer to start wearing the two pieces outside without the risk of getting a chill! (Im fighting a cold at the moment and I am just so done with this cold weather!) Coincidently this hat also goes perfectly with my new favourite casual outfit for work and for sunny but slightly chilly days featuring my Acid Shorts and Grey Shirt.

Acid Shorts and Grey Shirt


I hope you are all having a good Tuesday and got your week off to a good start. I spent last night doing some Visual Merchandising at work with the swimwear pieces (so head over to my Instagram to see those photos) and Im off today so Im just doing some general tidying up of all my magazines and getting rid of the ridiculously old ones (I have about 70 Grazia Magazine issues in my desk and half of them were cut to use photos for my college photoshoot ideas!) so a few may pop up on my Instagram! While I’m talking about social media I am making a promise to tweet a bit more on my Blog account because Im a bit quiet over there even on my personal account but Im going to start keeping you guys up to date a bit more over on that page! I gave it a make over yesterday along with the Facebook page so take a look!

Also Facebook have a new policy where they are deleting inactive followers so my likes have dipped a little bit so if you guys could give it a like and share it around I would so grateful!

Have a great day and speak to you all soon

Ever Yours



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