Evanna’s New Look



Good morning guys and welcome to the brand new Evanna Lily! So I spent ages last night deciding on a theme and trying to find something that resembles my Tumblr blog layout and this was the closest one I could get!

IMG_4943For anyone who has seen my Tumblr layout you will know thats its pretty simple looking with the title in Black lettering and the photos just laid out down the profile so I wanted the same style on here. The last layout was a good layout but just lately I feel like the colours in it were a bit dark (mostly black and green) and my header wasn’t really brightening it up.

Evanna Lily Blog Header and Title


Also the header wasn’t my own photo (eek!) it was one I found on Tumblr about a year ago and thought it was good for the blog. So in this new layout I want to keep it simple but chic. I have removed the header and brightened it up a bit with whites! Im not mad on the pink menu bar but due to the type of theme I don’t think I can change the colour of it! I would rather have it black but for now it might have to stay that way! So there be a few changes happening over the next few days because Im still tweaking it a bit!

I have also added a couple of new categories called Fashion Feature and Work Diary. Fashion Feature is going to contain all the posts I do with other websites and online stores and also anyone who emails, tweets, messages etc etc me with anything you want me to know about e.g I recently had someone ask me about to wear a certain item so you can send an image my way and I will do a short post about it! Work Diary is going to contain all my work related posts on Newlook e.g my post The Window Look can be found in there.

When it comes to my social media pages Im going to be changing the headers, profile pictures, descriptions and other little bits so you may find some disruption there but not too much! I will be starting with the Facebook page and then doing each page at a time. I am working today so I won’t get them all done today but hopefully a good bit. The only page not changing is my Tumblr blog! (www.evannalily.tumblr.com)

So I hope you all like the new layout and let me know what you think of it! If you have any suggestions or ideas of what you want me to post about as well do let me know because I love hearing from you guys.

Ever Yours



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