The Window Look

Good afternoon everyone I hope you all enjoyed your Paddy’s Day and are not suffering the effects of St. Patricks Day too badly (lord knows Im not as I was working all day and dont go out!). Todays post is all about my latest Window Dressing experience and I (finally) remembered to take a few photos for you guys and fill you in on my window displays!


As you all know I am currently working for my local Newlook store and I have recently started doing more window displays. I have had minor experience in window dressing before as creating a window display was part of my Fashion Retail course with Galway Technical Institute and I got to assist in doing a window display when I was doing work experience in Oasis as part of my course. I have done a couple more window displays since I started working for my local Newlook store and this was one I did a couple of weeks ago. This one is the first one I did on my own (the first was done with a manager) and Im quite happy with how it turned out. Im not taking credit with how the mannequins are styled because that is actually created and sent to each store every time a window needs changing but if we don’t have an item in stock we have to improvise. I chose their accessories though! IMG_5639_2IMG_5642_2IMG_5643_2IMG_5644_2

I always have a favourite look from each window but in this one I have two favourite looks! The first is the Khaki Shirt Dress which is styled with a gold pointed necklace and White Backpack Bag because its really simple and yet dressy. I put a black turban headband with it because it just adds a certain something to it. My second favourite look is the last mannequin featuring a Black Ribbed Crop Top and these Printed Wide Leg Trousers. I love this layered necklace with it because it adds a cool, urban vibe to it even though its a bit of a casual, cool , festival look. I would love to be able to pull off one of the looks from the windows but sadly I am only 5.2′ and the trousers would absolutely drown me! The mannequins are even taller than me!


So that was my first window which as I said I did a couple of weeks ago but I got to do the second window yesterday almost by myself (one of the mannequins is not a fan of having jeans put on so you need two people to get them on without breaking the leg off it!) and I think Im getting used to it because its not taking me as long as it did the first time! At first its a bit surreal taking apart a mannequin to dress it because you’re basically taking apart a body by removing the arms, torso and then dressing it certain ways but after a while you just get used to it! Yesterdays window displays contain five mannequins and then a little display of shoes and bags. So here are the looks from that and I’ll be telling you about my favourite looks from yesterday!


There were some really cool looks for this window and my two personal favourites are the Khaki Trousers and the Khaki Dress with the silver layered necklace. I would genuinely wear the Khaki Dress look if I went anywhere other than work with the necklace because its so simple its classy. The other look is also really cool because its so casual. The heels dress it up a bit but stick a pair of canvas shoes on instead and you have the perfect casual look for a walk or just to pop to the shops. As you are all well aware I love versatile pieces so these outfits are just perfect for that!

IMG_5655_2IMG_5632_2IMG_5654_2IMG_5635_2IMG_5656IMG_5628_2Unfortunately because of the angles I dont have a full photo of the Khaki dress but heres some I had left over of the others! Lastly (Im sorry this post is really long!) we move on the shoe and bag display at the end of the window. They’re mostly sandals because of summer coming up but still contain a lot of colours and some great pieces for any look!




I hope you guys all enjoyed this post and I hope to share a lot more of my window displays with you in the future! Im a little excited about all this because Im getting to be more involved with the visual merchandising side of the store and there are some courses I am hoping to do to get more training in it and it will open up a lot of opportunities for me with different stores and I cant wait to see what the rest of the year has in store! As the saying goes “Big things often have small beginnings

If you have any questions on anything in the post then please leave a comment or email me via my email address. You can also message me on my Facebook page and you can give it a like while you’re there too!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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