St. Patricks Day



I just wanted to say a quick Happy St. Patricks Day to all my fellow Irish wherever you may be in the world and to have a good day and night full of celebration! For any followers that dont know St. Patricks Day is a major holiday not just in Ireland but also in places like London, Australia and New York! St. Patricks Day is a celebration of the Irish saint Patrick every year on the 17th of March. The sign for this day is the Four Leaved Clover or the Shamrock because he used the Shamrock  to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish Pagans. Its traditional to wear green on this day because it has basically been the colour for Ireland since the 1600s and because of the colour of the Shamrock. So every year wherever in the world they might be the Irish celebrate their nationality! We have parades all over Ireland in the small towns like Killarney to the big cities like Dublin. You can normally see the Dublin, London and New York one on tv that day too!

So thats just a brief little description of the event and heres a little irish quote to finish off the post!



Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!


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