Mother’s Day



Afternoon everyone! As Mother’s Day is this Sunday I thought I would share some gift ideas for you guys if you haven’t sorted out what to get your mama yet! Obviously theres all the usual gifts like chocolates and flowers but if your looking for something a little bit different and more special then I hope you like the following ideas.

First up we have some simple yet gorgeous gift ideas from my favourite candle brand Max Benjamin! I adore all their scented candles and they have some really gorgeous scents. Max Benjamin is an Irish owned company who use natural wax in all their candles and also have a range of hand and body care. I bought my mother a reed diffuser a couple of years ago and she was so happy with it because the fragrance lasts such a long time and with the variety of scents they have on the website in all their products (not not just their candles) there is always one that someone just falls in love with (or in my case all of them!) so to find out more you can visit their website at or keep up with them on their Facebook page! You can also buy their products in Kilkenny Stores across Ireland.

Image 1 – White Pomegranate Body Wash and Lotion Gift Set //Image 2 – Persian Rose Reed Diffuser//Image 3 – White Lilies Scented Candle//Image 4 – Grapefruit and Pomegranate Bath Soap

Cat Doodles PenDesktop Sausage Dog for Tape

These two items from are definitely different and will perk up any mums office desk! My mum works from home so she has her office for all her work so I just thought if your mum also works from home or has any form of an office for her job then these might be a nice way to perk up the space a bit! This Cat Doodles Pen and Desktop Sausage Dog are certainly two ways to keep them slightly amused through out the work day! You can find loads more card and gift ideas over on their website.

open flower ringturquoise rhinestone necklacemystic shell ringhologram snake clutch bag


Here we have a few accessories from and they are some really unique and pretty pieces. There is nothing like a bit of jewellery to make you feel special so these small, simple, pretty pieces of jewellery are sure to put a smile on your mothers face this mothers day! They are all affordable too if you have bit of budget so make sure to check out the website for more great jewellery for gift ideas! This clutch bag is really cool as well because its different and will definitely add some glitz to any outfit (and you can steal it it too!)

Image 1 – Open Flower Ring//Image 2 – Turquoise Rhinestone Necklace//Image 3 – Mystic Shell Ring//Image 4 – Hologram Snake Clutch Bag.



These last two images are just for you creative minds out there who want to give something really unique and special this mothers day. My mum loves homemade cards to theres loads of ideas on Tumblr and Pinterest of what to make and what images you can use for your card. I like this second image idea of having vouchers for the day so your mum can relax and depending on how big your family is you can take turns to do different things for her through out the day!

I hope you all found a little inspiration for your gift this mothers day and don’t leave it too late to get a gift! Have a great day and I’ll speak to you all soon!



My mother way back when I wasn’t even a thought in her head! 

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