Dogtooth and Embroidery

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Good afternoon everyone I hope you are all enjoying the weekend so far! This post is just an update of my new pieces from work that I love!

As you all know I work in my local Newlook Store and since I started back in September I have gathered a good few things in my wardrobe! One of the gifts (and curse) of my job is the staff discount which is great for updating my wardrobe but not so good on my poor bank account! We have a 60% off sale which started on Thursday so theres a lot of new stuff coming in and Im trying to be good and avoid all the temptation! I have had a very exciting week at work because I did two window displays (I’ll be posting about that later on in the week) all by myself and dressed the mannequins and theres a few visual merchandising opportunities happening so Ill keep you all updated on that but first here are my new pieces!


So the first few things is just basic wear for when the weather gets a bit warmer (and its finally starting to pick up a bit!) so they can be worn casually with anything really. On the top left we have a cropped striped top which I adore because I am so in love with stripes at the moment! The white top on the right is just a plain white ribbed sleeveless top which is perfect with these hot pant shorts! They actually came with a belt but I took them off the shorts because I need to add another hole to it so it fits better. These are all practically new to the website and are almost flying out the door!



Next up is this grey shirt. I bought the green version of this (now in the sale for €10) and I love it and then I spotted this new colour the other day and I had to have it! I know a lot of people thing grey is a bit of a dull colour but it actually goes really well with blue jeans! Its not too dark as well because its a chiffon material its actually not a dark boring grey. Its really comfortable because its not a fitted shirt it has a slight waterfall back and is loose fitting.



This white top literally only landed in our store the other day and the moment I saw it I fell in love with it. Its just a simple summer top with this gorgeous embroidery and mesh detail on the neckline and embroidery on the hemline. Its so simple it can either be casual or dressed up and those of the kind of pieces I love. I have a similar top that I got off my mum from River Island with pink embroidery on the neckline but its a few sizes too big (which I like) so I bought this one for when I don’t feel like oversizing! Its really pretty and I cant wait to start wearing it!



Last but definitely not least we have my favourite piece! My new Blue Vanilla dogtooth cape! I spotted this when I was in the stockroom doing stocktake the other day and I knew I just had to have it! I absolutely love it! This cape is not actually Newlook its another brand called Blue Vanilla which we have only recently started stocking in our store and they have some gorgeous simple but elegant pieces. This piece is definitely my favourite buy out of this post and I cant wait to start wearing it out and about! As I mentioned in my one of my other posts Fashion And Photography Im hoping to team up with over the summer to do some proper outfit posts and show some of my personal style a bit more so this will definitely be making an appearance!

I hope all enjoyed todays post and I will speak to you all soon!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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