Pretty Baby Blue

Pretty Baby Blue
Afternoon guys I hope your Monday is off to a good start and isn’t dragging on too much! Its snowing here in Kerry so I hope its warmer where you a re too! Todays outfit post focuses on this gorgeous baby blue chiffon tank top from and I just love it. I think it is so elegant and so simple so you can wear it to anything. I love baby blue chiffon! My favourite dress is about 6 years old and is baby blue chiffon from Tk Maxx and I will never get rid of it! I just love the colour and the fabric. I have matched this top with some simple things so as not to drown out the colour and style. I used this arrow stitch pencil skirt from to highlight the colour and also makes it look more like a dress. Black is a heavy colour with this top so white is really the way to go. The coat is just to add a bit of contrast to it so its not all white and blue and is from The shoes and clutch bag are matching blue because you cant have all white with this look because then it would look a bit too extravagant and expensive. I think its good to look like you put effort into your look but you dont want to come across as too much of a fancy nancy! They are both from and The accessories are again simple enough so it adds a bit of bling but not too much. The gold chain crystal necklace is pretty but not too glitzy and is from and this hexagon bangle set is from The rings are a good thing to add to a look either using one or all of them just to add a little more detail. This set is from and these diamond earrings are from Lastly the make up should be pale, pastel colours so I went for nude colours in the lipstick and nail polish. I didn’t want to use blue nails or red lips because then the nails would match too much and the red would clash.
I hope you all like this outfit and have a good monday!
Happy Fashions Dolls

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