Midi Rings And Jeans

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Good afternoon everyone and happy Saturday I hope your weekend is off to a good start and I hope that the weather is a bit better wherever you are because its just rainy and windy here in Kerry! Todays post is just a little catch up on my purchases of the last week and a bit and if you follow my Instagram these will be a bit familiar to you but all the details are on here!



On Wednesday I did a little shopping in town and went to Pennys for the first time in what feels like years and got a few nice things. Working in Newlook obviously I have to wear the Newlook stock so I literally don’t shop outside work because I wouldn’t be able to wear anything else to work but that doesn’t mean I cant wear other nice things at home right? So incase you haven’t heard Pennys (or Primark depending on where you are) have new jeans in and I decided to see if they were everything that the articles had said and I tried on these Ankle Grazer jeans and I love them. They fit really well and are the perfect length. As I am only a mere 5’2″ jeans lengths are nearly always a problem because either the waist is good but the leg is too long and ends up wider as a result (anyone else who is on the short side knows exactly what I am talking about) so the fact that these jeans only go to just above the ankle is great. They are similar to one the ones Kim K is wearing in this photo but no doubt way cheaper!

Kim Kardashian



While at Pennys  I had a look at the jewellery because my favourite Topshop midi rings are all worn on the band and have lost all the gold coating on it so I think its time to just expand my ring collection a bit! For anyone who hasn’t noticed yet I wear rings everyday of my life. I used to have a really pretty simple ring pack that someone bought a long time ago and after a good many years they all gave up on me so I purchased my Topshop rings last summer and they are a little faded now so once again Im on the hunt for the perfect ring. Trying to find the right rings is near impossible because none of them fit. Size small is normally too big for me so I discovered that if I buy midi rings in a medium or large they fit like regular rings. My new Pennys rings were two different packs of regular rings and midi rings one in gold and one in silver and even though they are a size small a couple of the midi rings still fit like a normal rings. They are really simple and pretty and I love them! Im so glad I bought them because they were the last two packs there!



The other two items in the first photo are actually from work. The striped top is new in and flew out the door so we only have a few left! I am having such a love affair with stripes at the moment I now have so many striped clothing pieces and I love how versatile they are. They go with virtually anything and are so in at the moment. The boots I bought because my favourite pair of black pointed toe boots that I wear to work and outside the house are started to look worn. The toe is a little scuffed and the leather has expanded a bit which is slightly upsetting because I love them so much! So these round toe block heeled boots are now added to my collection!

Now that I have the weekend of work I thought it was about time to let my hair down (literally) and leave it natural for a change. I have to start letting go curly naturally for a while because I am so mean to it with straighteners and I actually forget how nice it can be natural. So I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome and think Im going to go with this look more often!



So I hope you are all having a good weekend and did have a good week! Im going to be a little quiet next week because I am working literally everyday and they are little longer hours than normal so I will speak to you all soon!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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