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Happy Sunday everyone! Todays post is just about some websites and blogs that I have found and been introduced to recently and been following for a while that I thought I would share with you all so you can see some great work and pieces that I have come across too!

First up we have a Cork student from the Crawford College of Art and Design called Ryan Elle who is studying Fashion Photography. I was sent the link to his website by the man himself after he contacted me via my Facebook page and he has some really amazing photographs! On his website you can see his college work which are really worth having a look at because they are different and unique and really interesting. I really like them because he experiments with colours and styles of photography. Here is one image that he has allowed me to use which is only one example of all his work.


You can see this and all his other great work over on his website at where you can also see his contact details if you are looking for a photographer!

Next up is one of best friends who I have mentioned a few times over the last year and a bit but has recently started blogging over on her own fashion blog called Fayette Maruelle. I met Aleksandra a year ago when we both started as students at the Galway Technical Institute studying Fashion Retail and we have been friends ever since! She is new to blogging but already has some great posts up! So definitely go and check out her blog at!



Lastly we have a you tuber who specialises in Hair care, styles and tutorials but also features make up and outfits called Bebexo. I discovered this youtube channel a few years ago while looking for some debs hairstyle inspiration and have been hooked ever since! She has some amazing tutorials on some really amazing styles up on her channel and she has some really good competitions for hair products too. Her videos aren’t really long or complicated as well she makes them easy to follow and explains the steps really well. She does loads of different looks from formal hairstyles to everyday looks.  If you haven’t heard of her and want to change up your daily look a little bit definitely go check out her channel at Here is just one example of one of her tutorials.

irregular braid headband bebexo

So thats my favourite blogs at the moment so definitely go check them out because they are worth taking a look at. I hope you all enjoyed todays post and found some interesting information from it! Remember any comments or questions you have leave them below or email me via the contacts page!

Thanks to Ryan Elle for allowing me to use his image and Aleks for letting me mention her!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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