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Afternoon everyone and Happy Saturday! I hope you all had a good week and are having a relaxing Saturday today. Todays post is all about my daily make up routine for my make up look for work or just going to town thats easy to do and doesn’t take any time at all.

Like many girls my age it took a while to find the make up look that actually looked good (lots of scary memories of bad foundation colours!) but now that I have a routine and look that actually works I will not be changing it for a very long time. Its hard to fns the right foundation colour for your skin so before you go buying one make sure you know your skin colour. If you are pale go for a pale foundation because anything other than that is going to leave a line and you do not want that! The whole point of make up is its suppose to match your skin and just cover any imperfections you might have and enhance whats already there. Heres a simple chart that I found online with a few different foundation colours to help you get an idea of what to get.


Its handy to look at this type of chart before you going buying foundations just to know where not to go colour wise. If your buying your first foundation definitely ask someone to help you figure out your colour because if you do it yourself chances are you’re going to get a bit wrong. So if you have pale skin stick with the paler tones definitely dont go with an almond or tawny colour because you think it will make you look tanned because it won’t. It will just leave a line around your face and jaw highlighting the difference between the foundation colour and your natural colour. It took me a good while to find the right colour for me so when you have the colour sorted stick to it! So here is my routine with the products I use and I hope you find a little inspiration!


So this is my basic everyday look which takes no time at all and has long lasting wear. Its a mixture of concealer, liquid foundation and a powder. I only started this make up look last summer and I have been doing everyday since for work or going to town. I have a different make up look when I’m at home all day which is just a L’Oreal BB cream foundation and powder so as not to use up all my good foundation when no ones going to see me! So here are all the products from start to finish!


I start off by putting on some vaseline moisturiser on my face because my skin is a bit dry in places and I have learnt from past experiences that if your face is too dry the foundation will pick it up and make it look worse so I always make sure that I put a bit of moisturiser on everyday to keep it moist all day. Then I put this Rimmel London Concealer in shade Natural Beige 004 on my chin in-between my lip and my chin, on my nose, under my eyes and between my eyebrows. I always put them here to hide any of the dry parts I have and any red pores I might have (theres always a few) so that when I put my foundation on it just covers the concealer more. This concealer is the only one I have used for a couple years because its the perfect shade. It goes perfectly with my skin colour and my foundation so I don’t need to find a new one!


Next I put on my Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation in shade Ivory 100. I only bought this last summer to try it out because I heard great things about it and I am so happy that I did. The colour is a really good shade for me because Im on the pale side but not like properly snow white pale so its a good colour for in-between pale and natural beige. It lasts all day and really does give you a nice glow. You can buy this anywhere e.g Boots Chemists, Tesco any kind of Pharmacy that sells beauty products really. So at this point I have on my concealer and foundation so my face is virtually done. I have any blemishes or imperfections covered up and if I need to I’ll just go over the concealed areas again with a tiny bit just to ensure that they are covered up properly and the foundation brush didn’t wipe it off.


Step three is my Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder in shade 81 Truly Fair and I can honestly say I cannot live without this stuff. I have been using it for about three years now maybe a little less, with a few different foundations and last year I just used it with concealer on its own. It is really the best powder I have ever used. It lasts all day and is such a good match. I can easily say I will not moving away from this powder anytime soon because I have no complaints about it and it finishes off my make up look perfectly. Using my Eco Tools Blush Brush I brush this over my face starting with my nose and then over my two cheeks, forehead and then my lips until my face is done. This is a really good way to finish off my make up look because it just gives it that flawless look.


Lastly I apply my L’Oreal Excess Volume Mascara and Maybelline Tantalizing Taupe Lipstick and its done! I have used so many mascaras in my life its unreal. About five years ago I had about 7 different mascaras in my make up bowl and I used every single one of them almost everyday. I love having long thick lashes and mine are quite long naturally so the mascara enhances it! I wear glasses everyday so I dont bother with eyeliner or eyeshadow at all but I will always put on my mascara. I only really wear contact lenses on a night out or for an occasion so then I might use eyeliner but I actually dont like eyeshadow. I was never good with it and I dont really have any care for it. I actually really like my eyes in general so I dont like being too fussy with them so just mascara works for me! This lipstick is a my favourite everyday lipstick. Its so rich and moist and lasts all day long. I always wear it to work just to dress my lips a little. My lips are quite red naturally so if like me you find it hard to wear lighter colours then just put foundation over your lips when you’re applying it and then it pales them so the lipstick works. My lips are naturally a bit big so I dont use any lip liner or anything but I do have one just to try it out so more on that later!



I hope you all enjoyed this make up post and if you have any questions or comments please let me know! Also let me know of any posts you want me to do on any subjects you want to read about! I hope you all have a good weekend and speak to you all soon.

Happy Fashions Dolls


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