Neutral Nancy

Neutral Nancy
Evening everyone! Sorry for the late posting but I working all day today! So this look is a really simple Neutral look featuring this AX Paris Jumpsuit which is really easy to style and as you all know I love a piece you can dress up and down for any occasion! Because its a neutral colour it would go with virtually anything so I decided to keep this a simple neutral look with no loud colours or fancy jewellery so that you can see how easy it is to recreate because some people do get scared when they see colours in an outfit incase it doesn’t suit them. So I have kept this look pretty simple but I have injected a little contrasting colour here and there. I added the darker lip and nails look just to add a little difference to the look and I think it works really well. The darker red colours compliment the paleness of the rest of the pieces and make it pop a little bit. These white pointed court shoes are also AX Paris so you can find them on the website with the jumpsuit too. I think white was a better choice than more neutral colours and then black would have made it a bit heavy too so white was the way to go! The clutch bag I chose for this is such a cool item because its fun and not too dressy so its perfect to add the fun vibe to a look. This wrap is gorgeous and also the great thing about these is that you can wear them whenever you want wherever you want. At home, thrown over a top out for a coffee whenever! The grey in this wrap is also really handy for the silver jewellery I chose for this look because it ties them in with the outfit. I think Gold is a really nice accessories to have but Silver is equally as elegant and chic. So these three silver pieces are simple with no fuss, glitz or particular glamour to them and I like that they aren’t really shiny, classy glamorous pieces and that they are just simple everyday things you can wear however you like.
I hope you all like this outfit post and had a great day today!
Happy Fashions Dolls

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