Dressing Table Talk

Afternoon everyone I hope you are enjoying the week so far even if it is only Tuesday! Where I am its not just an ordinary Tuesday though its Pancake Tuesday so I hope everyone is filling themselves with pancakes today I know I will be later!


Anyway todays post is all about my dressing table which is finally organised! Its not an official proper dressing table but it does the trick for now! So I’ll just show you my little layout and what you can find on it.



So as you can see my dressing table is a bit full but after having it all spread around my room I’m finally happy with it! The secret about this table is its not actually a table. It is actually a fold up bed that has nowhere to go so was put in my room while I was living in Galway! I have a plan to redo my whole room over the summer so Im hoping to find the perfect table then but for now this one is a great substitute! In the top image you can see my jewellery displays which I am so happy with because before I had them all hanging on one of the stands or across a shelf and then one day I found an old necklace box and I have been using the lid as a display box since. I don’t think you need to spend a fortune on things like fancy display boxes and trays and stuff when you can use something so simple like this. You just need to do a little DIY and you have something you need without spending a penny. Having said that if a nice display tray came my way for very little money I would consider it! In the bottom photo you can see my brushes on display so that they are always ready when I need them and are always where I can find them!


My room is actually a mixture of red and white and so only the ceiling and one wall is white (which Im planning to change this summer!) so now that I have the table sorted my perfumes actually look so much better against the white and you can see the colours properly. Its the same with the jewellery they just stand out a bit more and look more elegant against the white background. This table has basically all the things I use everyday and all the things I dont wear all the time like my dressier earrings and bigger necklaces are on display on another shelf. These perfumes I use all the time especially the purple one so its handy to have them next to my wardrobe mirror and right where I need them. The jewellery holders I have had for a few years now and I would recommend getting one because they are actually really handy (excuse the pun) because for all the simple short necklaces its the perfect length for them and they are shown off really well instead of getting knotted in a box or all mixed together.


As I said before I used an old box lid as a display tray for my jewellery and I actually really like it. Its the perfect size to show off my daily pieces like my earrings, rings, necklace and watch. As you can see I have a million and one pearl earrings in all different sizes so I thought this was a good chance to show them all off and put my favourite pearl necklace with them so they’re all together and then have my gold chains and diamond bits with them so everyone can see them and I know exactly where they are. My smaller hand out of the two jewellery holders is my favourite one because its based on a Chanel. It has the bib black flower ring like on the cover of one of my Chanel books and then the little pearl bracelets are kind of Chanel like so there is a slight theme with this!



Last up are my other two favourite perfumes Anaïs Anaïs and Marc Jacobs Dot which are on each end of the table. If you haven’t come across Anaïs Anaïs try it out because it is my favourite perfume ever. Its a sweet floral scent and I fell in love with it years ago and it is one that I will never go off of! I also have my make up brushes on display and they consist of one E.L.F foundation brush, my Eco Tools Set and my christmas gift the MAC Heirloom Brush Set. I have had my Eco Tools brushes for a couple years now and I love them because they are such good brushes and also they are also using natural materials in their products.

You can find any of the things I have in this post with these links:

Pure Perfumes – www.newlook.com

Anaïs Anaïs Perfume – www.theperfumeshop.com

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume – www.marcjacobs.com

Eco Tools Make Up Brushes – http://www.ecotools.com

MAC Make Up Brushes – www.maccosmetics.com

I hope you all enjoyed todays post and found a little dressing table inspiration and if you have any questions or comments please let me know because I love to hear from you guys! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and talk you soon

Happy Fashions Dolls


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