Midnight Castles and Chocolate

Good afternoon everyone I hope you have all had a good week and enjoyed your Valentines Day yesterday since my last post! I have been a little quiet lately but I have just been working away at Newlook and enjoying some little adventures with friends but I’m back now with a post to update you all on whats been happening lately!


First up we have new favourite accessories that I bought a couple of weeks ago! I wear stud diamond earrings everyday virtually and my favourite pair have finally started to give up because after a few years the gold base has turned to copper and leave that green colour on my ears when I take them off! So I treated myself to a new pair of Roam Diamond earrings from work and they are much better than my last pair. They dont have any gold base so no copper after a few years and they are just so easy to dress up and down. This necklace is really long in real life the chain goes down to your navel and I dont normally wear long necklaces but this one is so nice with everything. I love the actual triangle detail on it because its different and not too fussy or plain. I have basically been wearing it since I bought it and mostly with a white vest or with my green chiffon shirt for work. It was on sale too!


The weather is starting to get more Spring like (Finally!) so I decided it was time to give my Primark shoes a day out and they are actually so comfortable! They go really well with my striped jumper and acid wash jeans as seen here. Its a bit weird because Im so used to wearing boots now from Winter but I love these so much and they are probably my new favourite flat shoe!


If you’re following my Instagram you will have seen these already but for those of you who don’t Insta this is one of my new favourite hairstyles. I basically copied this from Kim Kardashian (but not as professionally done) and its an easy way to just switch up an everyday ponytail. I used to have my hair in ponytail all the time a few years and now with my new glasses when its a normal ponytail it just looks a bit off. The glasses just look really big and my head looks kinda small(er) so to just put a bit of volume into the top makes it a bit more interesting to me! I havent used any hairspray in this look just simply pulling at the top when its tied up. I’ll do a more detail post later on if anyone is interested just let me know!



As I mentioned above I have been spending time with some friends and its been really nice to just go out like when I was in Galway and just spend time doing something random but great! I dont drive so the fact that I have friends who do is so handy and twice in the last week we have been out just driving around seeing some really cool things and Ross Castle in Killarney where I live was one of them! It was really late when we decided to go there but it was so worth it. This castle is an amazing view in daylight but it looks really cool at night all lit up and it was kinda nice to have no one else there! There was a deer there as well but he wasn’t very photogenic! This castle actually has the lake behind it and you can walk all through the forests and around the lake and its a really nice place to go if you’re every visiting Kerry! It was little freaky at night because there was an animal making a weird screech noise and it does look a little like it was haunted but thats just me Im not the bravest soul!



Now yesterday was Valentines Day and it was either the first image or Kourtney Kardashian for you so I hope you all had a nice day with your loved ones and had a nice romantic day. If (like me) you weren’t spending it all loved up and with an other half than I hope you still enjoyed the day anyway! I was working for the afternoon but when I got home I had a nice evening planned for myself involving about 80 stone being put on from all the chocolate I had stored away since christmas!


I spent the night with my favourite French/American movie, Spiced Mandarin Hot Chocolate (which was so delicious!), A chocolate dessert and the rest of a cadburys bar! I think its safe to say I have put on about 400 stone and definitely treated my sweet tooth! I have never received anything on Valentines Day in my entire life (Its true!) so I wasn’t expecting a night filled with romance anyway but I hope all my fellow single pringles enjoyed your Valentines Day regardless and if you are single its just a day to spoil yourself a little bit more than usual!

So thats really everything thats been happening since I last spoke to you guys and I am preparing a few posts for the next few days so I can fully catch you guys up on everything! I hope you are all having a good Sunday and talk to you soon!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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