The Frizz Fight

Good afternoon everyone I hope the sun is shining wherever you are because its finally starting to poke its head out here in Kerry (its not warm but still!) and its starting to feel like Spring.

If you follow my Instagram you will have heard about this post already but for those who don’t know todays post is all about my new favourite hair product! As you are well aware from my last hair care post ( I love L’Oréal Paris products for my hair and are basically the only product I use to protect it from all the heat I use on it. This post is just a review of a different L’Oréal product that I decided to try out recently so I hope you enjoy it!


So I was restocking on my regular hair products after work the other day and I spotted this Hot & Smooth Hot Straight Spray and decided to test it out. The other L’Oréal Straight Spray I use is similar to this one but this is like a more advanced version. This one has a much sleeker and smith finish once my hair is completed. I love how it does exactly what it says on the bottle. A lot of products I found before would woe for a day or two and then my hair would curl on its own even though the label said it would lock out humidity and stay straight so its great to have products that actually work!





As you can see this says Frizz Free, Polished Finish and Three Days Sleek hair and I can honestly say it does! Because my hair has been straightened so much over the last ten years it has become prone to a lot of split ends and heat damage so when I straighten it now it has that slight frizz to it, the hairs that stick out once you have dried and straightened it but not with this. It is so sleek once you have completed your hair you could have been at a hairdressers. It has a really nice shine to it and there are no whips sticking out which is great! I combine this with my usual Volume Spray from L’oréal and I have the perfect combination!



I love my hair straight because when I smaller people used to comment on how frizzy and unmanageable my was (and not in a nice way!) so I started straightening it and but thankfully over the last four years I have let it go natural more. I just love how long it looks when its straight and I can proudly say I have never had extensions put in and I haven’t experimented drastically with dyes or products! I have only every dyed my hair twice in the space of about 8 years so it is somewhat healthy (besides my straightener addiction!). I am starting to itch for a new look at the moment so there may be a new look at some point later in the year but for now Im happy with it!

I hope you all enjoyed todays post and found a little hair care inspiration! Remember any comments or questions you can leave them here or get in contact via my contacts page. I have a few exciting projects coming up over the net few weeks as well so look out or the details on those!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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