New Newlook Favourites

Afternoon everyone I hope you are all having a nice relaxing Sunday today. Todays post is just an update of all my new pieces over the last couple of weeks and if you follow my Instagram @evannalily you will have seen a few of these already but here they are with a few extra details.


Starting off January I bagged myself these pointed boots from and I have to say they are so comfortable and I am obsessed with them. They have basically become my everyday boot and all my other boots have been made redundant for a while! They are still available on the website so I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a good pair of black boots! I also finally upgraded my phone and I managed to get this iPhone 5 for under €400 on and its so much better than my old iPhone that had a mad battery and a broken button! I did a good but of research before I actually bought it and all the prices were around €500+ so I am so glad I checked out Littlewoods first!



This necklace is now my favourite piece of jewellery. My friend gave me this gift for Christmas were you had the chain and an oyster and you basically followed the instructions to open the oyster and insert the pearl into the necklace and this is the result! I love it so much and cannot stop wearing it! I love any kind of ocean related things like shells, pearls, quotes, Dolphins etc (not sharks or weird fish though!) so this was a really great gift!



I recently did a bit of a bulk buy on now that my staff discount has (finally) kicked in and I have so many new looks to create! I basically want to expand my looks a little and this was one of the ideas I had for a look. I put the grey trousers, blue striped jumper and brogues together with a big belt and I had a sort of french eighties thing going on! The black pants I had to return unfortunately as I am not the tallest person and they were too long for me! The jumper is so comfortable! I actually bought a size too big because I wanted a slight oversized look and I love it so much. Especially with ripped jeans and a big belt.







Finally I picked up this gorgeous lilac top at work yesterday and I love how elegant and pretty it is. I fell in love with the colour and instantly saw myself wearing it. I adore the crochet detail on the back as well. I just love pieces like this were they are so pretty and elegant but so simple and versatile. I can’t wait to mess around with this and create some nice pieces that show it off!

So I hope you enjoyed todays little post and found some inspiration! Remember to follow my instagram for instant updates on things and also give the Facebook page a like and keep up to date with all my outfit albums!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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