No Place Like Home

Good afternoon everyone! Todays post is another home decor post but this time its about some of the things around my family house. My last home decor post was about how to have little pieces around the house (If you missed it its called Delight In The Details and you can find it in the Home Decor Inspiration category) and this time I decided I would show you some of my favourite things around my own house and why I like them so much. I wanted to get something from every room but if I did that you would be reading for the next ten years!


I have to admit that a lot of the stuff in this post we have because my mum has a good eye for things that work well in the house and knows exactly what to do with things! We have two mirrors in the hallway as you walk in the back door and this is my favourite of the two. The other one I accidentally got in the reflection of the mirror but you can see which one you prefer! I love how simple it is and its actually quite big on the wall. We have had this mirror for a few years now and its so handy for running out the door just to do a last minute make up check or when you’re coming in the house to see how the day has made you look!


On the wall on the staircase we have this massive movie poster that my mum has had for years and years which she decided to get framed and put up because its a old movie and it means a lot to her. The angle for the photo is a bit odd because it is literally on the corner of the stairs and if I take it from the side you can’t see it properly! I think its a good idea to have old things like this around the house to add some classic and vintage feel to it. Its an interesting and unusual piece to have which makes it a bit more special.


In our spare room we have three small clouded windows to let in more light from the hall and this is hanging under one of them and I think its a really interesting item. My mum bought this a few years ago in a local market from a woman who made them and sold them each week. Its a unique piece and adds a nice feature to the room. They are all real twigs as well that have been preserved.


In my parents room my mum has these fake flowers in a vase on her chest of drawers and I love their colour against the white walls. I think its a really good idea to buy false flowers for around the house to add some colour and detail and because they are false they can easily be moved around from room to room whenever you want, they dont die and you dont need to water them at all. I think real flowers are a good idea in the summer to add a nice scent and brighten the place but for cold weather and winter its nice to have these around to add some colour to bleak cold days.




In one of the bathrooms we have these beautiful sea shells and glass wear which I think are so pretty against the blue tiles. Again this is all down to my mum and her way of knowing how to display things. The shells we have had for many years and I remember how I used to think they were really pretty when I was a child! We have loads of shells around our house collected from walks on the beach and previous holidays abroad and I think these are my favourite from all of them. The glass ornaments my mum had in a cupboard and just decided to have them out and they look really nice in the room. The blue tiles only go up that far and the rest of the walls are white so it really makes the glass and colours of the shells pop.



These four photos are the last of the photos of things around the house that I like. The first is a really old antique hand mirror my mum has and I love it so much. I use to think of Belle looking at the beast in Beauty and The Beast when I saw this when I was younger! The second is an old lantern case which we put a candle into and put by the door in the summer to light the doorway a bit. The chair is a woven seat my mum found specifically to fill that corner space in our hall and the colours are really cool especially against the white, they pop a bit more. The last photo is a cartoon comic book drawing that is outside my brothers room and I like it because its a bit geeky and bit artistic and its just interesting to have.

I hope you all enjoyed my post and found some inspiration for your own living space. I would show you things from my room but these are just so much better so maybe next time! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and I’ll speak to you soon!

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