Pen To Paper

Good afternoon everyone I hope you have all had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend tomorrow! Im just doing a quick post to share some new things I got up to yesterday and I hope you like it!

If you didn’t know I have been designing outfits and looks since I was about twelve when my parents gave me a light up Bratz Sketchbox where you could trace the outfits and colour them and mix and match them etc etc and since then I have loved drawing dresses and outfits. I basically got into designing because of the programme One Tree Hill. I used to love that show so much and one of their characters Brooke started designing clothes and her own brand and I decided to give it a go because she was my favourite character and I have been hooked by clothes ever since! Its not exactly the way most girls get into fashion designing but it worked for me!

I studied art in secondary school and I was always messing up what we had to draw. We basically drew whatever the teacher had for us so fruit, art works, cups, etc and of course life drawing which I cannot do for the life of me! I can’t draw hands, faces or feet at all and you’ll notice it in the photos below(thats why they are all wearing sunglasses and boots and have their hands hidden)! But when it came to the leaving cert I actually really liked how my art turned out and I think that when it comes to drawing if you just take your time and tweak it a bit you will be happy with it. I think when you have 30 people in one room all drawing the exact same thing of course your going to be comparing it to someone else’s and hating your own! The last year I have been teaching myself how to draw figures by copying Hayden Williams style of illustrating and Im slowly getting better! Im not a big artistic person and I only draw once every few months really but I did some drawings yesterday and I just thought I would share them with you. So here they are in order!



Duster Coat Day



Sailor Stripe



Pale Pink



Grunge Girl



Purple Pop

I hope you guys like these little outfit ideas and Im going to be working on a few more today so stay tuned! Im so used to drawing dresses because I spent a few years just focusing on them and I have to admit my drawing style wasn’t the best and Im actually really pleased with how these figures turned out! Im not saying I’m Hayden Williams standard at all but to me I am happy with how they look and I think its good to take pride in what you do whatever it is. So of course if you have any comments leave them below and enjoy the rest of your Friday guys!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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