The New Noughties

Hey everyone I hope your Tuesday is going alright for you and I hope wherever you are its a lot warmer than here!

So I have been rewatching FRIENDS recently and I have discovered that not only is it back in the form of Netflix but also its back in Fashion. So I have compiled a few photos to prove this little theory of mine on a few of Rachel Green’s looks from the early days and how they are slowly making their way back into 2015!


This year is starting to reveal what this season has to offer style wise and it looks like it is heading down the Nineties route with polar necks, high waisted, high necked and old style accessories. Lets face it the nineties weren’t the best fashion wise but the way Im looking at it this time we know how to wear it better and have learned from the noughties style (or if you haven’t even hit twenty like myself than this time your mum isn’t going to stick you in a hideous polar necked fleece with bootleg jeans. Oh the trauma!) and know how to accessories and rock the new/old style. Here we have Rachel Green sporting a tartan mini skirt and roll neck crop top in the early episodes and Tartan is really in at the moment! AX Paris have some really nice tartan swing dresses in at the moment which we have instore and you can see them on their website as well.


This check print is also really in at the moment in the form of large checks or small check like this Cameo Rose Check Dress which is online now. Its funny how fashion is a never ending circle and how everything comes around and around again each time a little bit different. I have this book called Parisian Chic A Style Guide By Ines De La Fressange (if you haven’t heard of it definitely do track it down and give it a read because it is so handy and has some really good ideas and inspiration) and it says you should never throw out anything if you feel like its too old because more than likely everyone will be wearing in a few months again as they will all be back in style.


So this nineties trend is really coming back in in the form of prints and patterns and styles of clothing.I have been making an effort to get on board with this new trend and here is my outfit for work the other day featuring ripped denim jeans, a big leather belt and a high necked long sleeved top and my favourite gold chain necklace!


We also have a few nineties style accessories coming into the store as well in the form of square digital watches, round lense sunglasses, butterfly clips, hair scrunchies and even wire chokers!

I hope you all enjoyed this little post and found some ideas from it.


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