Urban Appeal

Urban Appeal
Afternoon everyone I just thought I would share this outfit idea with you before I head out to work today! This look is basically a cross between casual urban an up style look. Up top we have the tshirt, leather, beanie and stud earrings and then below we have the more dressy items the skirt and the shoes. I wanted to try something different for a change because a lot of the things I post are mostly dressy and are always in a girly style so I wanted to grunge this one up a bit! I am aware that the weather here in Ireland is nowhere near wearing skirts in a daily look but for those of you who live in a warm climate for a majority of the year this look is for you! I love the bag I chose for this look because its fun and ties in with both the styles I have in this piece. The accessories are simple enough stud earrings and a watch because I didn’t want to burden the look with loads of jewellery, The lipstick I chose because I think the dark red lip adds more of an attitude to it and also adds a touch of colour.
I hope you all enjoyed this look and any comments or questions let me know! Enjoy the rest of your day guys!
Happy Fashions Dolls

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