Golden Globes Golden Looks

Sunday night we saw the 72nd annual Golden Globe awards and as always there was some amazing looks from the night! In this post Im just going to go through my favourite looks and moments from the awards and I hope you all enjoy it!

Starting it off Im going to go through the looks of the main girls of the night Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler! they have been the golden globes hosts for the last three years and this is suppose to be their last year as hosts. They had three great looks (and some great moments) from the night and here they are


Tina wears Antonio Berardi tea dress and Amy wears Stella McCartney


Tina wears Antonia Berardi and Amy wears Stella McCartney 


These two ladies looked gorgeous throughout the night and wore the same designer for each of their three looks. Out of Tina Fey’s looks I think my favourite is the tuxedo because its a bit different from all the normal formal ball gowns and dresses that every lady wears to these events. My favourite look of Amy Phoeler’s would have to be the purple Stella McCartney dress as it is so simple and beautiful and really suited her. The colour itself is gorgeous and was enhanced by here beautiful necklace. These two stylish ladies had everyone laughing to death throughout the night and one joke in particular really got the media going!


Trust these two to make feminism into the golden globe awards (which is definitely not a bad thing!). Speaking of George Clooney how cute was his Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech? It was really sweet of him to direct it to his wife about how much he loved her and how he has waited his whole life to find her (all together now Awww) and I like the fact he mentioned the situation in Paris by wearing his Je Suis Charlie badge and how everyone stood together in Paris and were united against this tragedy and act of terror.

Micheal Keatons acceptance speech for his role in Birdman was equally as sweet as he thanked (and cried) his best friend who also happened to be his son and said how blessed he was to have him. On a happier note Jeremy Renner wasted no time in cracking a joke at Jennifer Lopez’s ahem physic as they announced an award winner together. If you haven’t seen this look it up its quite funny!

Here are my favourite looks from the attendants at this years awards and there were some really gorgeous gowns around!


Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad


Kate Hudson in Versace


Emily Blunt in Michael Kors


Selma Hayek in Alexander McQueen

All of these looks are just stunning and each lady look absolutely beautiful. All of these women are mothers too so if you have a child and you think “I can’t pull that off I had a baby” think again because if these ladies can do it so can you! End of the day we are all people and we all have insecurities but don’t let it stop you from shinning (like a fifth avenue diamond…!). Jennifer Lopez is having a really good time in the last year with her looks for awards and ceremonies and she is really proving that being 45 doesn’t mean you have to go around hiding yourself! How amazing does Kate Hudson look? She is really working the cut out detail on that dress and just looks stunning. Emily Blunt is also looking amazing in her Michael Kors dress and definitely proving that just because your a new mum doesn’t mean you have to hide for a year (ahem Kim Kardashian’s advice for new mothers). Selma Hayek sort of disappeared for a little minute there but she looked stunning at the awards show in Alexander McQueen and I love her hairstyle with the accessories its really pretty.

So thats all I have to say about the Golden Globes really and if you have any comments or anything you want to say don’t forget to comment or contact me via my contacts page! The blog may be a little bit quiet of the next few days because Im going to be working everyday (unless the snow keeps falling in which case Ill be snowed in at home!) for the next few days so never fear I haven’t forgot you my dears Im just trying to balance blogging and work and having a rest! Speak to you all soon guys enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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