Delight In The Details

Hey everyone Im greeting you today with a home decor post which I haven’t done in an age but after spending some time on Pinterest last night I found some really great stuff and decided to get back into the home decor side of things! As I am still living at home with my family like every other nineteen year old I would love my own place to do up and make my own but for now Pinterest and Tumblr is my inspiration for all home ideas until I can find (and afford) a place for myself. Personally I love little bits and pieces around the house because they really make a room and a lot of little items for a room are normally a bit expensive and hard to find what you really want so I found these really cute things on Pinterest that you can make yourself at half the price they normally are on a home decor website or store.


You may have noticed from my Instagram that I love a nice candle (specifically Max Benjamin candles) and I am always looking for nice ways to display them so this twig decoration display glass is really cute and a bit different. It has rustic feel and even if your room/house is modern style with patterns, prints, all white, monochrome etc this will go wherever you put it. Its really easy to do as well with just some nail glue and some sticks from the garden! The glass square boxes are really nice because they are really simple but effective. They have no extras or gimics just simple glass boxes for candles or any other decorations you like! Every time I go on Pinterest I always see Mason Jar ideas when I look up home decor ideas and they are always so cute. This lace jar idea is really sweet and simple and easy to make. Its a really pretty idea for a bedroom or a porch and it just adds a nice feature to the decoration.

ffe069738efd2ad5a2a922dd24d8ac61086ce703e16b88116773a4ab300ca774aa0bd88487a2e269f6d0a42193406a1eMirror table decorations


All these next ideas are so easy to create at home with minimal effort. The first image is a simple seat with cushions and you can find cushions like these so easily online anywhere. Try Kate Spade for these types of home decor pieces because they always have stripes, gold, prints on their pieces. Just have this seat in a hallway to the door, at the entrance of a living room wherever you like! The second image is just a cute detail for a dressing table to have a couple of accessories on display and they are really elegant and cute to have. For your office its alway nice to have a few photos and pictures around to brighten up the desk and to drag your eye away from the computer every now and again. The last image is a really good example of how flowers can brighten a room up. They are really simple, pretty plants that can add a dash of colour and is attractive to they eye so they are a really nice feature to have in a room. Have them on your desk, on a table in the dinning room or sitting room wherever you feel they look best.

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For anyone who wants to be a bit more creative here are two ways to use left over jars. The first one is such a cute idea to make love heart candle holders. If you want more description than this photo I would youtube a tutorial on it because there is a tutorial for everything on there so I would definitely check there! The second one is a really cool idea too for make up brushes and flowers even. I think the fact that you have decorated and made something yourself makes it even more special and more nice to have out for people to see and admire.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and found some inspiration for you’re home to start off the new year. If you want to see more home decor ideas head over to my Pinterest page and click on my Home Decor Ideas board to see all my posts in there!

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