Keeping It Casual

Keeping It Casual
Hello everyone and I hope you are all enjoying your tuesday! I have been really ill the last few days and today I am finally up and about and on the mend! Todays outfit post is basically how to have a simple, casual look without having to go too casual for comfort. A lot of peoples idea of comfort and causal is sweat pants or a hoodie but in my eyes this is causal for me! I like to be comfortable and casual when Im not doing anything but sweatpants are only for doing workouts in my book or when Im seriously cold and lazy with my look. This look is really nice because it sort of has a Spring feel to it, even though we are still in Winter, and the pastel colours make it a bit brighter and interesting. The jeans, top, bag and jewellery all bring life to the look and add that Spring and fresh feel to the look. The coat has a soft grey colour and when the faux fur collar is added it becomes a more interesting and more stylish coat which can be dressed up or down simply by this furry accessory. The coat, boots and hat all tie together to keep in the dark Winter feel and add a bit of warmth to the look. I love both of these pairs of boots for this look so I chose both! I don’t normally wear flat shoes outside of work but with a pair or ankle boots like these they are perfect and the heeled pair add a bit of glam and also if your a bit on the small side like myself than a bit of height too! The jewellery is simple and not too dramatic or over stated because otherwise it would take away from the outfit and become a bit heavy with accessories.
I hope you all enjoy this look and enjoy the rest of your day!
Happy Fashions Dolls

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