My New Year Resolutions

Hello everyone and Happy New Year as we are now officially in 2015! I hope you all celebrated the new year with love, laughter and fun and are excited to see what this year has to offer! This post is all about my new years resolutions for this year and I hope you enjoy them!



So here we are spinning off into the start of a new year and for a lot of people its all about new beginnings and new starts in life and the new chapter of life. I am really excited to see what this year has instore and I am looking forward to taking each day as it comes and enjoying life. I have a few things that I am aiming to do this year but more on that later first I am going to tell you my resolutions for this year!

  • I am going to be more positive and stop thinking of the negatives to things less. Believe it or not I am actually a bit of a complainer and I tend to see the negative side of things more than the positives but I am going to put an end to it this year and be more positive. So with the help of my Pinterest board I have written a positive quote at the start of each new day in my 2015 diary so I have a good quote to get me through the day. I am also downloading loads more happy songs to fill my iTunes with and keep my positive mood up! (I sound so ridiculous right now but its my resolution!)


  • I am going to be really nice to myself this year. I was so insecure and under confident for many years of my life and even until the end of last year I always found flaws in myself like my skin being dry, my hair not having enough volume, not having perfect teeth etc etc and just basically comparing myself to all the other women I see who seem so perfect and flawless but at the end of the day everyone is different and no two people are exactly the same. Even identical twins are different in ways! So trust me there is no point telling yourself you’re not good enough or pretty enough because you’re only putting yourself down and the only person that effects is you. So to quote a saying I saw on Pinterest “Speak To Yourself Like You Would To A Lover” Basically love you and the everyone else will! (Not to the point where you’re really arrogant though be happy but humble!)
  • I am going to start giving things to Charity. I finished a major wardrobe clear out and I have so many clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories etc etc that I have had for the longest time and I never wear them or use them and I always look at them and go “I might wear that in summer, It might go with this, I can’t throw that out because it goes with one other thing” so I had a tidy up of my wardrobe and I have a massive bag of stuff to go the charity store. Example I have 11 pairs of jeans 1 white, 1 green, 3 ripped denim, 2 highwaisted, 1 disco pant, 2 regular denim skinny jeans and 1 acid wash jeans and I basically live in 3 pairs. So I have loads of things ready to go to people who really need it and will make good use of them because I am actually privileged to go to work and spend money on clothes and shoes and other things while other people can hardly afford their bills or even food so I shouldn’t waste money on things I won’t wear while others need it so much more.
  • I am going to start saving a bit of money. Last year I was a bit careless with money and didn’t really have any plan for it. As soon as my wages came in I would buy new things at least once a week either in the form of clothes, shoes, accessories, loads of hot chocolates and snacks (which I also need to cut down on because I have food at home that I can bring with me instead of going out and buying food), make up and things like that. This year I am going to budget a bit more because I need to sort out driving tests and lessons and save for a car which I am hoping to have at the start of next year (I may be saving but Im not eating millions!) so I am giving myself lots of time to get all the tests and lessons done to I can learn it all really well. Theres also other things to pay for like my phone bill, and other bills. I am also working towards getting my own place (rented obviously) somewhere but thats not for a good few years I will say!
  • I am not going to let work rule my life. I am normally at work for all the week with days off every few days and I normally want to spend my days off just lying in bed sleeping, and doing nothing but its not really practical because everyone has a job and has to do things like housework, errands, etc on their days off even though they don’t want to do anything so I am going to make the most of my days off by helping around the house more, seeing my friends more, having nights out (Im not the biggest party person on the planet but I do like getting dressed up and seeing my friends for a few drinks and possibly starting some awkward dancing somewhere!) and just having more of a social life. Since I started working my life has basically been at work or at home. My last night out was on Halloween and I haven’t seen my friends in college in various different places properly in ages! I saw one friend the other day and it was really nice to sit in her kitchen and just talk about stuff and watch Beyonce videos (I am definitely crushing on queen B at the moment!) so I am going to try and be out and about a bit more.


  • Lastly I am not going to be bothered about being single anymore. It really bugged me last year but I have learned that you can’t force these things if they happen, they happen! So if this really bothers anyone else don’t let it annoy because you cant force someone to like you and you shouldn’t force yourself to be in a relationship for the sake of it. So until anything happens in my love life I am going to enjoy being single and as its a new year you never know something may happen!

So I hope that you all enjoyed my post and that there a few resolutions here that you can relate to! I hope you all have some good resolutions and have enjoyed the first two days of the new year so far! I hope that this will bring some really exciting projects for Evanna Lily and help build it up a bit more but one step at a time is all it takes so if anyone want to get in contact for anything posts, modelling, interviews, promotion etc etc all my contact details are in my contacts page!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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