Christmas Cheer

Good Afternoon everyone I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are all looking forward to New Year which only a few days away. This post is just a summary of my Christmas and what it had in-store for me this year!



First of all Christmas Eve was a good night because not only is it the night before Christmas its also my dads birthday so we had a really nice dinner at home and celebrated with my family, aunt and grandparents. I was working that day so I wasn’t at home until 6 o clock that night but i had definitely worked up my appetite for dinner! I also took this as an opportunity to wear my new ripped jeans and my black boots!



If you follow my instagram @evannalily you will have been able to follow my celebrations through the two days but this post is all about everything too!

Next up was Christmas Day and even though there was no snow here in Ireland it was still a fun Christmas. My mum and aunt decided that we were all going to the beach for a walk before we opened presents and had to get ready and dinner had to be done. It was freezing and there was a slight wind being on a beach in the middle of Winter but this little someone enjoyed it a lot!



After our walk we got home and immediately put the kettle on and headed to opening presents. I got some really good things for Christmas from my family. I received some MAC make up brushes from the heirloom collection with a make up case, The Beyonce Album (which is amazing!!!), A 2015 Fashion Diary, A Japanese Fashion book, A Max Benjamin Candle in Moroccan Mint Tea scent, A dress from my aunt (which may be making an appearance on New Years Eve) and a few other things! I also got to see how happy other people were with my gifts which is what its all about really!





Christmas Day is such a good day to get all dressed up and enjoy the celebrations. For this year I wore this gorgeous powder blue swing dress that I found in Pennys/Primark for under €20! Its such a nice dress and it looks a bit vintage as well. I found this old polka dot sash one day a while ago and I tied it around the waist of the dress the make it a bit more fitted. They actually went really well together! I wore my white pointed toe court shoes with this because a black shoe is a bit heavy with it (I know I tried all my shoes with it just to make sure!). Here is the end result


For my make up and hair look that night I tried something a little different. I decided to go for a centre parting instead of a side fringe like normal and I actually like it like that now. I think its good to have a hairstyle you can play around with and change without having to do anything too dramatic. I also used lipgloss on my lips for the first time in a few years! I got into lipsticks and lipbalms and lost my teenage love affair with lipgloss. The one I wore was a no.7 lipgloss that I got a couple of years ago which is a light pink with a bit of sparkle in it for a good shine.



We had a really fun night listening to Christmas songs, eating all the delicious food and just having a laugh. I was back at work the next day for all the sales (which was crazy the first day!) so it was only really a one day Christmas for me!

I just want to say that even though its Christmas and New Years please be careful when out and about because one my friends had an accident involving a drunk driver the other week so please do not drink and drive. Its not about you being in danger but you are putting everyone else’s lives at risk by being intoxicated while driving. You do not want to be responsible for a family loosing a member on Christmas or any other time of the year.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and are ready for New Years and have all your resolutions for the New Year sorted out! I have scheduled a post to come up on New Years Eve around 1 o clock so have a look out for that. I hope you have all had a good look in the sales that are now on for some great bargains! Our sale in Newlook started on the 26th and there are some great prices around! (Please make an effort to hang things up again people because we all have to clean up, so imagine your at someones house you wouldn’t throw their things on the floor please and thank you!). Remember to follow my Instagram for daily updates!

Happy Fashions Dolls



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