Merry Christmas


Good afternoon to all my lovely followers both new and old I just wanted to say I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas Day wherever you may be in the world wether you are surrounded by people or just that one special person I hope the day is bringing lots of cheer and fun for you. This is Evanna Lily’s second Christmas and I hope that you will be around next year and many other years to come to spread the Christmas joy with me!

This time of year really is magical with all the decorations, sparkle and people being in the happy spirit like the customers I see at work everyday (maybe not the bored husbands and boyfriends who are staring at their phones waiting for their spouses to leave the changing rooms and pay for the tenth time that day!) but still everyone is a bit more special around Christmas time!

I just want to take a moment to say Merry Christmas to all the Irish people and other families across the world who are celebrating Christmas this year away from home. A lot of videos have been on my personal Facebook feed of people surprising their parents by coming home for Christmas and its so sweet to see their mothers faces light up with joy at seeing them but there are people who cannot make it home for Christmas with their families so Merry Christmas to everyone who is abroad and away from home and cannot be with the people they love.


I hope you all have some nice plans for the day wether they be big or small! As for myself Im going to have Christmas Dinner (dreading all the weight Im going to put on!) in a little while with my family, my aunt and my grandparents complete with a Christmas cd my mum made me make with all the Christmas hits! Make sure you follow my Instagram @evannalily too keep up with my day and my look for Christmas which I am really looking forward to showing you guys!

I will have a New Years post scheduled for New Years eve as well just to mark the end of the year and the start of a new beginning and another year of Evanna Lily and how things have changed so much since this time last year!

For now though Merry Christmas everyone and have a wonderful day filled with love, laughter, joy and sparkle!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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